Pakistan Defense Day 6 September 2017-India Pak War 1965-Pak Victory

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 Pakistan Defense Day 6 September 2017-India Pak War 1965-Pak Victory

6 September is known as the defense day of Pakistan. There is a big history or big reason behind this day of 6th September that why it is called as defense day 6th September and why Pakistani peoples celebrate this day.?? Here I will discuss the history behind 6 September and how it is known as Pakistan defense day and why it is celebrated each year by Pakistani Nation or peoples. Guys the reason is that on 6 September 1965 a big war in the history of Pakistan fought between Pakistan and India. Indian army attacked Pakistan from Lahore side border at night.

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They thought that we are a strong country and have stronger, greater and powerful army than Pakistan and we will occupy Pakistan especially Lahore till next morning from that night. But they don’t know that to which country we called for fight or war, to which nation we called for war and to which army we called for a war whose Youngers are waiting to sacrifice their lives just for the sake of their country and for the peoples living in this country. They have prepared a plan for the war and they attack Pakistan from Lahore side border. In return, Pakistan army attacks reversely to defend their self and their country from a big loss and defeat India at BRB bridge near Lahore border.

When Indian army generals saw their defeat on Lahore border they attack aggressively with hundreds of tanks but Pakistan army destroyed all the Indian tanks there and remaining ran back towards their country. Historians say that was a 2nd big tanks war in the history of the world after the world after the World War 2. And this 1965 war, at last, stopped on the 6th of the September by the support of United Nation, both countries stopped damaging and destroying each other on 6th September and named this day as the defense day of Pakistan.

pakistan defence day 6 september 2017
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Pakistan defense day 6 September 2017

Pakistan army protects and defends lovely country Pakistan by sacrificing their lives. Some Pakistani peoples and Pak army officers and army man martyred in this war and in the memory of those martyred peoples there is a holiday on 6th of September and all Pakistani nation and all military departments of Pakistan attribute them according to their ways. This was the reason that why Pakistan celebrate 6th September as the Defense day. This was a great thing for Pakistan and was a great achievement of Pakistan army. All armed forces of Pakistan like naval force, army force, and air force, played a big role in this great victory and tell the world that we are not less than any big power. We are a strong country, have strong military power and has great technical weapons.

The reason behind the war September 1965: Pakistan Defense Day





When we think about the 1965 war we see that the main reason behind this war incident bet Pakistan and India were Kashmir issue that remained unsolved and till now it is not solved. Pakistan has fought many wars due to this issue. Both the countries looking towards UNO and UNO should solve this issues by keeping in front of Pakistan, India and also Kashmiri nation demands. As we talk about there should be democracy in all around the world but there is nothing in the Kashmir Valley.

It should be solved according to desires of Kashmiri peoples. Kashmiri peoples want to join Pakistan and Indian army in the occupied Kashmir depress them and killing normal peoples in Kashmir.
This is the importance of Pakistan defense day 6th September. Hope you will like this article. Thanks for reading. Give your effective and positive feedback after reading this article. Thanks.

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