2 Boys from Mardan Went To Doctor Because of Blue Whale Game

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Two Boys from Mardan Went To the Doctor Because of Playing Blue Whale Game

The blue whale is very infamous for teenagers around the world, and now it’s turning to Pakistani youngsters.

A few days ago two boys from Mardan age of 19 and 21 went to the doctor because of mantel pressure. When they started the game it’s easy to complete the tasks but after then the game becomes worse, so they stopped playing the game and went to the local hospital.

From Peshawar’s Khyber Teaching Hospital (KTH) Dr. Imran Khan connected to two boys who started playing the game. For the security reasons, they did not want to disclose the names.

The boys said, when they heard about the game it seems interesting to play. So, they decided to play the game in the start they find it very easy and interesting but when they go to the further tasks the game becomes difficult to play and very annoying. They get lots of mantel pressure and went to the doctor.

Blue Whale game challenges

The blue whale game is based on 50 challenges. When you started the game starting task looks simple and funny but don’t underestimate it. More than 130 Russian lost their life after playing this game. The reason behind this the last task of the game is to commit suicide. The person behind the game is also from Russia was got arrested about 6 months ago. He said that he wants to wipe the lazy persons from the world.

Dr. Imran says that the most reason to start playing the game is mantel illness.

“People start suffering from depression because game moderators warn the players that if they don’t complete the assigned tasks, their families would be harmed”

In Pakistan not just these two boys who try to play this game another 16 years girl reported as a victim of this game. She went to the Dr. Azaz Jamal from KTH after playing this game.

How to avoid this game

The doctors advised to the teenagers to avoid the starting challenges for fun. The IT experts say that the game is not available on the palystore or appstore. But, the social media groups are sharing the links of this game which is not possible to block.

Parents keep eyes on the children’s activities especially if they spend lots of time on their computer or mobile.

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