New Model 2018 BMW X2 Price in Pakistan – Pictures and Reviews

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BMW X2 2018 price in Pakistan: BMW a brand of Legends. a most expensive car in the world. one of best car of upcoming cars in Pakistan 2018. So, the question of BMW X2 price in Pakistan? Can it be cheap as first? these are questions frequently asked when we sit in a group. I want to remind that only players, businessman’s actors, and high personality people can take BMW Car. even this car 2000 model is also unavailable at middle budget people. the company decided to launch a new model in 2018 names BMW X2. a company will announce soon opening ceremony and give launching date of X2 so now lovers are in search what the price of BMW X2? as like Toyota corolla gli 2018 price in Pakistan.which type of design does it cover? what new features and specifications of BMW x2. .So let Discuss its detail.

bmw x2 price in pakistan 2018 features specs
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bmw x2 price in pakistan 2018 features specs

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BMW X2 2018 price Launch Date and Specifications:

  1. BMW x2 2018 on Petrol?                                   Yes
  2. X2 Manual?                                                          Is automatic
  3. BMW car Air Condition?                                    Yes
  4. People Setting Plan?                                           5
  5. 2018 X2 Steering type?                                     Electronic Rack with pinion
  6. Car Doors?                                                          4 Doors
  7. BMW 2018 CC?                                                   —
  8. BMW X2 Gaer?                                                  7 Gear
  9. A car has Anti-Breaking System?                      Yes ABS System
  10. Car heater System?                                            yes
  11.  has Child Safety locking system                     yes
  12.  back camera?                                                    yes
  13.  Contains Speakers?                                         6 speakers
  14. Has Car GPS System?                                       yes
  15. Seat Belt Function?                                           yes
  16.  Fuel Tank Capacity?                                         80L
  17. Car Max Power?                                                 304hp
  18. Car Cylinders                                                        3
  19. BMW Rims?                                                         Steel Alloy Rims
  20. per Liter Mileage?                                             14 km per liter
  21. Car Range                                                            —
  22. Parking Camera?                                                yes
  23. BMW X2 2018 Launch Date?                         coming Soon in 2018
  24. X2 BMW will launch in Pakistan?                  yes
  25. Bmw x2 2018 Price in Pakistan?                   Announce Soon

So its Clear About Launch date, Specifications, BMW X2 2018 price in Pakistan. now just wait for launch and ready to buy near your showrooms in 2018. if you have any question comment below.

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2 thoughts on “New Model 2018 BMW X2 Price in Pakistan – Pictures and Reviews

  • November 9, 2017 at 4:35 pm

    Plz notify as soon as bmw x2 is launched in Pakistan and its price and specs

    • November 15, 2017 at 10:04 am

      yeah we will inform you as it will available in Pakistan. but some dealers are providing BMW x2 on demand.


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