how to build website for free step by step guide

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how to build website for free step by step guide- Covering all areas in building a website with free domain and hosting

To setup a website you need two things 1) Domain 2) Hosting. A domain name (example that will be unique .A hosting server which is actually the web server where your website has placed on.  Many companies provide domains and hosting with different costs according to worth of domain name and space of hosting allocated to you. As we are going to create or setup a free website that’s why our primary concern will be with those companies which provide free domain and free hosting.
Okay, we shall now state that how to build website for free step by step guide.

             Domain Registration:

  1.  You will have get a domain name. Free domain provider is DOTTK (.tk) although other companies also provide free domains but our concern will be with .tk.
  2.  Sign up to .tk ( They have currently changed their domain to and search for your niche suitable domain and order it for 1 year period or period that you need. Keep in mind that you are going to create free website.
  3. They will review your request. After some time you will check your inbox that you have got an email  that you became a Dot tk ambassador.
    Hosting Registration:
  4. After getting domain next step is to host your website. Like many free domain provider there are many companies providing free hosting. But our concern will be only with
  5.  Go to sing_up page of 000webhost and they will ask for domain (put your domain name here). And go through sign-up process.
  6. After complete sign up you will get an email from 00webhost with congratulation msg 🙂 . This email is of some importance. Because it contains ” File Upload Detail ” which will be used further.
    Now you are having a free domain and hosting. Next step is to connect your domain with host.
  7.  You will receive another email from 00webhost about the nameserver detail. This detail will be filled in domain area by going to Dot Tk>>Manage freenom DNS>>provide the detail you got from the email.
    You have to setup your domain with host this time. Your main aim has fulfilled now because you have domain and hosting now. Now question is “how to upload files to your site”. This is quite simple. You will use  file uploading tools. These are File Transfer Protocol Solutions . I suggest you to use that software/tool which your hosting company recommends to you. Commonly used tools are CuteFTP & FileZilla(The free FTP solution).
  8. Download FileZilla and install it on your PC. Now Filezilla will ask for host name , username and password.Go to your  hosting Control panel (cpanel) and on right side you will see the host name, username and password will be that password you used to sign in to 000webhost. Using this information connect the filezilla to your server (hosting) by just clicking on Quick Connect button.
  9.  Last step came be patient ! You will see screen like shown below. The left side is your local computer and right side is your host computer. Upload files from local computer to host computer (in simple from left to right) by just drag and drop. By default server root will be PUBLIC_HTML into which you will drag and drop the whole folder from local computer.

That’s Done. Now you are having a working website with full health. 🙂 hopes that you have liked our article describing in detail that how to build website for free step by step guide.

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