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    Christmas Trees

    christmas trees Wallpapers-History of Christmas-History of Christmas Tree Around the World

    A Christmas tree is well decorated Conifer tree like pine, spruce, fir which remains almost ever green.  An artificial Christmas tree also available in the market of similar shape, that is also associated with the celebration of Merry Christmas.

    Christmas trees

    The custom of the Christmas tree developed in early modern Germany, where it is today called Weihnachtsbaum or Christ Baum or “Tannenbaum” with predecessors that can be traced to the 16th and possibly 15th century, in which devout Christians brought decorated trees into their homes.

    It makes its place firstly in upper class peoples of Germany during the 2nd half of 9 century. Tree was traditionally decorated with apples, nuts, or other foods. In the 18th century, it began to be illuminated by candles which were ultimately replaced by Christmas Lights after the advent of Electrification. And today there is wide variety of traditional ornaments, such as garland, tinsel, and Candy Cans. An angel or star is might also be placed at the top of the tree.

    Christmas tree around the world:

    Now Christmas tree has made its position almost in all countries even in any corner around the world.  And is memorized in different in different countries, Some of those countries are given below and the way of their celebration will also be described here:


    When German settlers migrate to Canada from United States of America they brought many things of different kinds according to their culture with them. Some of those thing are Advent calendars, gingerbread houses, Cookies and Christmas trees. When the German Prince Albert, the Husband of Queen Victoria put up the Christmas tree at the Windsor Castle in 1848, then the Christmas tree becomes the tradition throughout the United States of America, German, Canada, and England.


    In Greenland Christmas trees are imported and well decorated with candles and bright Ornaments it represent a bright and good look of Christmas tree.


    In Brazil, Although Christmas falls during the summer, but Pine trees are decorated with small pieces of Cotton. They represent a scene of falling snow and look very beautiful.


    Christmas trees are brought anytime in December and decorated with different types of colored lights. Some people like angel at the top of Christmas tree others like to put star at the top of Christmas tree. The houses are also decorated with garlands and candles.


    Most peoples want to buy Christmas tree some days before the Christmas Eve, but it’s not common to take the tree inside. It does not mean that they decorate it until just a few days before. Evergreen trees are decorated with colored lights, bright Ornaments and small pieces of cotton to represent a scene of falling Snow others are decorated with stars, angels, sunbursts etc.


    Christmas is the most popular holiday in the Ukraine. It is celebrated on 25th December by Catholics and on 7th January by Christians. During the Christmas season, this also includes New Year’s Day. People decorate fir trees and have Parties.


    Christmas Catalonia is a popular strike game in. A tree Trunk is filled with goodies and Children hit at the Trunk trying to knock out the different kinds of toffees, Almonds and Nuts.


    In Germany, Now Tannenbaum(a name of Christmas tree in Germany) is traditionally decorated in secret with lights, tinsel, and Ornaments by  the mother and is lit and revealed on Christmas Eve with Cookies, nuts and gifts under its branches.

    South Africa

    Christmas is a summer holiday in South Africa. Although Christmas tree is not common in South Africa but Windows are often draped with sparkling cotton wool and Tinsel.

    Saudi Arabia

    Christians Americans, Europeans, Indians, Filipinos and others living in Saudi Arabia have to celebrate Christmas privately in their homes. Christmas lights are often not tolerated. Most families place their Christmas trees somewhere inconspicuous.


    It’s purely a secular holiday to devote to love to their children for most of the Japanese who celebrate Christmas. Christmas trees are decorated with small cotton pieces, toys, Candles, dolls; paper Ornaments, gold paper fans and lanterns and wind chimes.


    Small numbers of Chinese who celebrate Christmas buy artificial Christmas trees decorated with spangles, paper chains and flowers and lanterns. Christmas trees are called “Trees of lights” in China.

    Above is some brief History of Christmas tree that how the Christmas tree is decorated in different Countries around the world and how the peoples living in different countries celebrate Christmas.

    Following Are some artificial Christmas trees.

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    Christmas presents under tree
    Christmas presents under tree

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