Honda Civic 2018 price in Pakistan-Civic Type-R Release Date Pictures and Specs

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Honda civic 2018 price in Pakistan: Honda Company is popular as Toyota. both companies are popular in Pakistan. now every year there is a competition to launch new design car in the market. if we talking about honda civic 2018. this car is coming with the more attractive model a new design and new features and specifications. if you remember model civic 2016 . now you are worried about honda civic 2018 price in Pakistan? what will b price in Pak? is Civic Model is coming same as was 2016? this model wins every single man heart either he is willing to buy or he can afford this expensive car. yes running latest model of honda civic car is round about 30 Lac. and we are seeing people are buying at the same speed as they buying Toyota corolla gli.

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if we talk about Civic. we found these Cars only in educated people. mainly high standard and high-class families love to sit in honda civic.then my answer is that No because they again changing in new civic 2018 model.

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Honda Civic 2018 price in Pakistan Release Date Pictures
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Honda Civic 2018 price in Pakistan Release Date Pictures

Are you excited to Known price Launching Date Specifications and Features in Pakistan See Below in Detail?

Honda Civic 2018 in Pakistan Features Specifications:

  1. Civic 2018 on Petrol?                                          Yes
  2. Honda Civic Manual?                                           Is automatic
  3. Honda car Air Condition?                                    Yes
  4. How many people can sit?                                    5
  5. 2018 Civic Steering type?                                     Electronic Rack with pinion
  6. Has it back camera?                                              yes
  7. honda Civic 2018 CC?                                           1500CC
  8. Honda Civic Gear?                                                6 Gear
  9. Car Breaking System?                                           Anti-lock Breaking System
  10. Car Doors?                                                               4 Doors
  11. Civic 2018 has Child Safety lockin                      yes
  12. Car heater System?                                                yes
  13. Civic has Seat Belt Function?                               yes
  14. Has Car GPS System?                                              yes
  15. Contains Speakers?                                                6 speakers
  16.  Fuel Tank Capacity?                                              47L
  17. civic 2018Car Power?                                             174hp
  18. Car Cylinders                                                            4
  19. Civic Parking Camera?                                           yes
  20. per Liter Mileage?                                                  14 km per liter
  21. Car Range                                                                  658Km
  22. Civic Rims?                                                              Steel Alloy Rims
  23. When Will Honda CIVIC 2018 Launch?           coming Soon in 2018
  24. Civic launch in Pakistan?                                       yes
  25. Honda Civic 2018 Price in Pakistan?                  29 to 30Lac

Honda Civic 2018 Reviews:

Amjad Akmal: last model 2016 was well shaped but there were many faults in the model body. hope in 2018 civic model all will Good.

Asma Sajid: I love Honda Civic. I have crazy to buy every new honda civic model car. waiting for 2018 civic.

Maryam Sugar: Civic is my Style. love to sit in every new civic car.

Babar Ali: I don’t care about payment. I just love honda Civic.

Jasim Faraz: when i will affordable to buy a car. I will buy just honda civic. because I love its Design Model.

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I hope you like this car it features its specifications and Honda civic 2018 price in Pakistan. So wait till 2018 to buy new honda civic 2018 till this car launch and coming in the local market. it’s in competition with Toyota Corolla Gli 2017 price in Pakistan.

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