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Customer Best Loyalty Program Ideas with Statistics for Small and Massive Business

Customer Loyalty Programs-Best Loyalty Program Ideas and Statistics for Small business

I will start by doing some slight market research okay. Our little group research to get us going all I’d like you to put your hands up please if you have some form of loyalty card in your wallet or when you find to be a copycat of fly by count one guy okay so most of you as the outside and look that’s that’s that’s common I kind most New Zealand out potholes some loyalty program will have some loyalty got. I see you questions about top. A and B. almost a guy come if you would sigh that that loyalty count all loyalty program includes you’ve idea in some why even just a small but. Okay I long to take a stab at about so high for those who put their hands up for. In fact it to use about common talk I fought wars is about 2.4 active cat holes about half of those would site it’s a mighty consideration with a shot. Answered Chris is the toughest one be ready almost a stunt. How many of you would cite that loyalty cowed or loyalty program  or Customer Loyalty Program Ideas with Statistics. actually makes you more loyal to the brand. this is the best Example of Are you Critical Thinker or Not?

Okay,  So very few I cut. And it’s kind of interesting is not so where old pot of loyalty programs we think it implodes zebra hide your in some why yet very few of us would cite Mike sauce loyal to a brand. I have come to Diggs a couple questions I guess the first one being why you why would we Balta. A is companies having loyalty programs if I don’t seem to generate the thing I promise witches driving loyalty. Are you going to announce that question I’m the course of the size of the course of this presentation. They’re gonna sigh that having worked in the loyalty industry for the last 20 years even our struggle with this mood loyalty. Okay. Because it is a very emotive would. We all loyal to many thanks. Yeah. Narrow ideas. But if you put consumers in a room very fuel used the word loyalty. Bulls eye away Shapiro Shapiro of opera through this brain whatever it might be it very few will you.

The truth is that also the commission will we talk about loyalty are actually talking about something that looks like loyalty which is that customers keep shopping. I keep spending money. Which is a pretty good thing because it keeps the tills ringing keep everyone happy. But it’s not religious repeat purchase. And we shouldn’t Falwell sylph sparkling repeat purchase customers low customs. You just come back and buy more from us. A. It is a market research showed that right repulsive loyalty programs a customer loyalty programs.we we have loyalty counts but necessary loyal loyal to us prince. Not every single let I’m sure we can also give brains or shop so ray talents who we do have some loyalty to our. Shops that we like shopping admit that we have had some ability to. you must visit Eiffel TOwer Lahore

I’ll give you one example yeah as as an example of that. A. This is a donuts. Effective civil donuts. Are these are in my humble opinion the very best donuts money can buy. Logic.not subjective very expensive doughnuts. Other key my bodyguard cat fight right next to us here. Thought it was a gallery anyone tried an Eco done not. You had a great love experience so cut. No I am very loyal boys behaved early and emotionally and the cow calf I. I buy culture the most studies I often have one Shubrick Listia and are often by the doughnuts. Others will be before starting the doughnuts. I.

Customer Besst Loyalty Programs Ideas and Statistics for Small and Large Business

customer loyalty programs
Example of Loyalty – Donusts 🙂

Well this is me at the peak of my Donna agency to us right now on excluded from buying donuts but my doctor and my wife’s. I am indeed but new car gets I who’s found that I was taking a look on us building in the morning. So I am very loyal to Nice you are aliens are did doughnuts. What’s interesting is that NATO has no loyalty program not even a basic. Coffee cart you know bought Tina get a free one no no you blow to target middle and yet I am very loyal and loyal to them how often buckle free often but they don so so one more loyal to the court well knows by succeeds is because they have a relationship with me. But I’m not my name by some high when I come in the night they know how I want my call see no elected donuts.


After a while they’re Nachos took doughnuts also mean you. Well I was responsible I just like most women you. And and I came back on the tree to buy seed we have firstly my done us back in the camp I to die and they say it and we have one behind the counter allowance filled with vanilla cream. Gonna cream doughnuts on my favorite they have been Hell a okay. So what is humble don’t take just look to just everything there is to know about loyalty. First off you got it about product. Okay but putting that aside the piston go ahead is a great relationship between a customer and a brain. A studied all around the world will tell us that customers have a strong relationship with the brand although shot more often though speeding Baltimore forgetting when things go wrong the recommend and so on. How do you create a strong customer relationship between a consumer and a brand go deeply understand the customer’s needs and consistently delivers rising rates. Okay. A second thing that money card.

Yeah teaches us. A is that recognition is really important. I like to be recognized by Nico when I come and I like being recognized by the tweet. Psychologists tell us that one of the most powerful drives in human behavior is recognition that’s what we’re told to recognize our kids our employees, India customs. So Rick emotions very strong thing and the third thing that the new car doughnut teaches us is that in a real. Tell world there’s biologic filled with dole boring underwhelming customer experiences great customer experts to stand out. Blair treated by a talked about by Dr loyalty. All those things for Madonna. Many said that Nicole has low low department comes back to health this question why the afford do come we spend so much money on multi party with because clearly they do. So let me give you the 3 reasons while I think the loyalty program our industry continues and why so many people are potholes of loyalty programs. Because the truth is that you can’t incentive loyalty. Loyalty comes from mark an emotion that we have with the brand in yet.

Customer Loyalty Programs ideas
Customer Loyalty Programs ideas

So, this is the Big Idea of  Loyalty Programs





three Major Reasons of Customer Loyalty Programs ideas and statistics:

First Reason:We do have these pardons everywhere I think the first reason why our loyalty programs also Coleman’s it they do actually do a good job of encouraging repeat that yes we like to be rewarded for our shopping okay we like to get free stuff. In fact in all departments are very good at that that very good at recognizing repeat purchase. Are much these programs are free to join why wouldn’t I get something out of it as a value exchange my business in a very good repeat pitches.

Second Reason:The second thing is they do try to put a difference. Our most things in retail can be matched argument cross argument sivils like match location it is how to manage a really good little different check. I can buy the same TV at hobby no one will know leaning for pretty much the same price. No let me get the fatwas points what would not bother TV via. Suck very good repeat pitch is very good at different slash.

Third Point: But the Good reason why they’re important is the most important race and. And that is why provide a mechanism to help retailers understand the customers generate insights about their customers and you’ve lost that insults. Now those of us in the lower to program guide Gilbert live us about the straw. Because it dreams up all sorts of Big Brother connotations. But the truth is that’s what the very best loyalty programs are about helping businesses understand their customers using those customers directly had the Nico experience 3 how thrust I,I bring with me schools and how to have that one to one relationship loyalty programs help facilitate slips what that place. It was like. Those of us are both in consumer land in the commercial and get very nervous about this this exchange of data. And of course this is a data privacy data security data use a little more more Elvis used to all of us.

And we see that every died what the media now. I effectives day more more data is being collected about us it’ll still 2 environments the online environment particular. I read a great quote the other day that said something like me. In the past we were we were private by default in public life it. Now we’re almost public by default in private by if it if it is true more more data is being collected about a high just everywhere. Yeah. I think what’s important people die important to me this list adults being clicked and I can’t get that with all like it or not I get it. One engine soon about out of security data privacy and data use this study used thing I think about sicula that those in the commercial world 3 focus on.

And it’s interesting if you research customers more more what they’re signing is not that I don’t like down to be clicked but kinda get that. What I don’t like is a pull value exchange on the news of the Martian and you’re using it really poorly you’ll certainly offers that are relevant to me. The major reason people opt out of the miles is the fact they get irrelevant in my house. Punished you just done with you through a loyalty program or other mechanism I want you to use that Donna why that that shows you do understand me that you want a relationship with me that you’re giving me thinks that you have value ahead tell you to make.

Loyalty Programs ideas and statistics
Best Loyalty Programs ideas

Certainly those the 3 reasons why little departments had continued to Billy are very cool mechanics and retaliate. Repeat it just differentiation. Use a customer and sought to get a strong customer relationship. When I get off a little bit of my role the floors are convinced that that’s what Colin get that. I’m. But will it continue to be relevant given the wide at the kitchen the world is changing. As a Christian because clearly things are changing. Now while it’s a tool that actually is that loyalty Pardo’s outing I gonna become more common. Not least common and the reason for that is that as consumers we have a coming list loyal. We have a crime more promiscuous as as consumers. And the whole reasons for that one of them being globalization needs and so on. In the past do almost barriers to switching within almost any kind of you can think of is quite hot external switch around now it’s pretty easy to limit what can agree you’ll run the barriers to switching has almost disappeared. And we are what are your natural promiscuous. We actually want that choice we want that Pat we have so much more information as consumers that we use. Are too extreme but much more modest promiscuous but discerning and the choices that we that we like.

these were Best Example of Customer Loyalty Programs Ideas and Statistics for Any type of Business

So affect the issue of loyalty is becoming more important 3 titles to brands then that didn’t depend less important. What is going to change and change markedly in multi programs as to why they delivered. The delivery mechanics are gonna change fundamentally over the next 2 or 3 years and as many trends around the world that are now being packed up in the star in this industry. Why I don’t talk to talk to 5 which I think a particular game changing our exports to shoes in from the brands who who operate these programs.

All the food is clearly, Ability loyalty is going mobile now the world is going mobile I get that but Lordy part comes in particular I don’t drop dramatically changed your ability if is one thing I hear more often than anything else speech from younger demographics. It’s that at the lower decals on my phone I would use it more. Okay. The truth is that is what’s going to happen I the next 2 to 3 years we will see loyalty part of my gripe from placed the cats to being on the farm to arrange at some level waltz and so on.

It’s gonna be weird again charging for 2 reasons one because when they are caring about all phones is prince what what’s becoming the most important thing to him twice we have with us we go shopping. It does try a more personal one to one channel for retailers to communicate with brains so Wilson level fine become a device that doesn’t just make it easy to connect at retail but easier to communicate between brains are gained into consumer. So logic bargains outgoing my ball that will actually increased utility and Christy you spiced McCann Sheila and I retelling perspective. Along with that. Loyalty is going real time.

Again the world’s going real time what use months since. But more more we will see loyalty programs connecting with consumers Este shop rather than just after that finished shopping in the reason for that is because she was the mound. We’ve become a lease with a L. attention spans become less. Which she wants things now in real time we don’t want a white for the future we will be rewarded recognized right now right when I’m shopping. I want to know like into the store that I’m gonna get things that are relevant to me as a can she not all white 3 months 6 months I will be driven by your campaign one drum by things that mean something to me.

I talk about loyalty going for the back of the store to the front of the store. Erin filibusters commit the mindless. One of the things you can do now is you can you can redeem for award right now pick up on the way home. And that’s what they want they want instant recognition instant redemption I real tall and a real time experience. The third thing we’re gonna see is something that my head of technology talks a lot about which is loaded programs going from close to open. Which really means that for a long time the beast ecosystems villa but a very closed. You got to use the law to Prague and how’d you got a trip to the lord you park in which sought you gonna do about the loyalty programs rules that’s gonna charge Cordoba. It’s gonna come open ecosystem where you can threaten the loyalty program as you want to. It might be awesome Edea but what Facebook.

customer loyalty
customer loyalty

It could be thrown around you belong environments I wanna check my balance when I go online to a banking. And I wanna ridding through through Twitter. I wanna incorrect through wise that mean something to me. Because consumers are more mobile coming are actually about things that mean something to me the whole one sauce fits all night show all marketing generally is changing rapidly. And multi pardons are gonna be yeah any part of that as well. Full tree much missing a lot of police in New Zealand but more so around the world and will come here as well as the guy notification of loyalty programs.

Again the skills but global officials people might want to just click point soul would discount would ever does toward the reward in the future by what he did time and now I want to enjoy the prices they want fun along the Y. so gonna see law departments have more amorphous guy modification element more more of this. John on the journey to the ultimate reward. And we start to see that Cretans more more of a little too program that can expect to social media as to why take she had more meat to Thailand are along out along the line. It. We are gonna see much more personalization of loyalty programs.

I have a whole one size fits all fully illustrated with there’s there’s disappearing. More more we will see people sigh I will be awarded and wise that means something to me. Are all over the summer and loyalty program. I don’t want your rewards I want my rewards. This is how I want to interact with you not the white you tell me to interact with you. It was a couple things driving this clearly one is personalization.

All it is is the insights that retells getting about customs. And again part of it is because she would amount I want to be about what’s important to me as a consumer not what you tell me is important mystery Tyla Mr brains missed the loyalty program. So we are gonna see this this this person was Russian place coming on. Every single let those old livery mechanics they’re all wise about the lord you pardon being delivered and slightly different wise it doesn’t actually change the fundamental to what draws loyalty. It’s interesting because when you go back to the good lord part hymns of the 1929 cities although the big supermarket programs will be online programs that are coming now post fundamentals haven’t changed. The why they delivered.

Will change and will continue to evolve but you won’t get away from the fact that loyalty is about these things on the slide it is about the great brand Elisabeth and sending it needs to cry customer experiences and relationships. The need to recognize and reward customers. All of a Beatles fan and I’m. One of the soldiers that money can’t buy you love. And the truth is that loyalty pardons count volume loyalty yada.

customers loyalty statistics
customers loyalty statistics

But they can be pretty important mechanic to help get. Exactly these kind of things happening I between a retailer and a brain to try and get back to that relationship that we used to have with stools 11 to 1 level when in fact we depart and the like but you all the time. Well done, Michael can fight.

So those things will still become important. And of course for those files. Making good doughnuts. Reminds pretty important to me to be given the right products and like you people love you product. Philip fundamentals that Petrov loyalty so you do go to party and have a place. In the market will yes they do you. Well I’d be there in the future yes they will and affect the outcome was more prominent bubble personalized in more of a connection between the consumer. And the brand.

Special thanks to Lance Walker who briefly describe best Loyalty Programs a Customer Loyalty Program ideas and loyalty statistic.


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