faiza beauty cream uses and side effects

Faiza beauty cream Uses and side effects in detail

Faiza beauty cream Uses and side effects in detail

Faiza beauty cream: Faiza cream is the latest beauty cream in the market as like Golden Pearl Cream and now become one of best whitening creams. It removes pimples, spots from the face and enhances the color of your face.If you apply it in black color then you will see the result of it in just after a few days that it will make your face white and will increase your beauty that everyone wants.If you apply it on spots and pimples then You will find it the best solution to remove pimples and to reduce the spots from your face.Don’t miss to read A Oily skin care tips for oily skin with pictures

“All About Faiza Whitening Beauty Cream-Uses And Side Effects of Faiza beauty cream”
How To Use (Apply) Faiza Whitening Beauty Cream on the face and protecting from side effects?





Follow these steps carefully to get a better result.

1). First Wash your face and hands with pure water or using face wash you like.

2). dry your hands and apply the cream on your face in small quantity covering black color, spots, and pimples.

3).  Protect your eyes from creamDon’t use Faiza beauty cream as a massage.

4). wash your face after 4 to 5 hours and use it for almost 3 to 4 weeks.

and then you will definitely get the best result.

Note: mostly use it at night…

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Faiza beauty cream Uses and side effects in detail….!

4 Major Faiza beauty cream side effects:

Although it is one of the best beauty creams and have a good place in the market because of its effective result but it is not possible that it does not have a side effect. Observations show that there are some side effects of using it that are given below:

  1. If you apply it on your face in large quantity it will burn your skin that can cause cancer.
  2. If you apply it on sensitive skin then you can have adverse effect so before using Faiza beauty cream check your skin to a skin specialist and confirm that you face skin is eligible for using Faiza beauty cream on it.
  3. If you use any beauty cream then don’t use it on that cream or if you use any other beauty cream on Faiza beauty cream then in both of the above case you can lose your skin beauty. so before using it make sure that your skin tone is eligible for using Faiza beauty cream.
  4. It disturbs your skin. Firstly you will find it best but after 1 or 2 months you will face some side effects of this cream.

So above are some A “faiza beauty cream Uses and side effects in detail on skin”.If anyone uses this cream and have an effective result then he can post his ideas about Faiza beauty cream in a comment and If anyone has adverse effect of using Faiza beauty cream on his skin then he can also post his ideas in a comment so that more peoples could come to know about its advantages and disadvantages.Please share your experience….Must read our previous article How to look well dress?

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