How can I get A Grade in Semester Result GCUF

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How can I get A Grade in Semester Result GCUF

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Study is the basic need of should be every build society and explore human mind to think how can I successful in the Race of Life. if we talk about University life it is totally separate you spend in past as like School and college. And if we talk about students problems which they face in the ERA of university. The big problem students faced is grades. They are confused to get A grade in Semester to maintain GPA. a big injustice which is occurred in students life is Teacher behavior with students.

Students mean Only Boys 🙂 I am not mention girls because they get advantages of being girl in universities through their beloved teachers.

How can I get A Grade in Semester Result GCUF
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How can I get A Grade in Semester Result GCUF[]
Some Basic Requirements to Get A grade in Semester Result at GCUF:

1). Student should be a Girl.

2). Girl should be Black or White doesn’t matter.( long loose robe girls also recommended)

3). Writing of the student will be Beautiful and eyes touching for teacher to get marks.

4). Some teachers only prefer writing of the students, they ignore what he/she wrote in the exam.

5). Girls writing doesn’t matter.

6). Student should be attached with Teacher.

7). TC of the teacher.

8). Some teachers give more importance to the girls in the class as well as in the exam. they talk politely with the girls but not behave politely with the Boys. And in some oceans they insulted the boys students.

9).  If you not prepare exam and only fillup sheets and put beautiful writing on it; chances of success increases 70% even you wrote a song in the paper(mostly girls succeed). Because few teachers not read the paper and tick the Question in the favor of true answer.

10). For boys students chances to get A grade only 10 % if they put right answer to the question paper.

it is my 3 year experience in University life because I seen as such circumstances in university. I am share with you an example which I face. In one paper I got C Grade. Reason that my writing was poor and am not a girl even my answer was exact point to point according to the Question. And the girl who just wrote paper beautiful got A grade :-(  even she not known what is the subject name. Mostly Boys grade are fall B, C, D and F but girls grades are A and B. chances to get C grade for girls are rare.

Result: “Larki Hona Naam Hi Kafi ha. Aglay Bnday ki Zuban Zabt”

For Boys: only hard work recommended and tanshan.

Note: take this line as a joke :-). In upcoming semesters If you are boy and wrote a name on Answer sheet a girl name(instead of your real name) you can get A grade.

So, question about How can I get A Grade in Semester Result GCUF is cleared.Must comment below to share your opinion. And if you have as such story tell us we will delivered your message to the others.

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