How to make money on mylikes : Easy Steps with Pictures

    How to make money on mylikes[]
    How to make money on mylikes[]

    What is Mylikes ? How to make money on mylikes. Complete description and step by step pictorial procedure specially for beginners.

    Now a days every one uses internet and most of us want to earn money free , fast with no effort and investment 😛 . Is this possible ? The answer is that YES it is possible. Today i will tell you that what is Mylikes and how to make money on mylikes. I will share you a complete step by step pictorial procedure. I hope you this procedure is helpful for you even who is beginner.

    How to make money on mylikes[]
    How to make money on mylikes[]
    First of all i will tell you What is Mylikes:

    Mylikes is a social website where publishers can post adverts on their social networking account. For now, you can connect your facebook, twitter, YouTube and tumblr accounts. It allows to Advertiser to get traffic for his website through Mylikes for which Mylikes put charges. It allows publisher to share stuff of advertiser and share it to social media and get paid by providing traffic to websites.

    Complete step by step pictorial Procedure of  How to make money on mylikes :

    1. First of you have to sign up publisher account. Open that link Sign Up. Here you have to provide basics which Mylikes ask you for sign up. Email , Full Name and Password of your choice. You also can connect with twitter or youtube account if you have or you want.
      How to make money on mylikes []
      How to make money on mylikes [] (mylikes signup)
    2. After clicking on Signup button a window will appera. Here select any of domain from given. After selection of domain you will ask for select display of you website. Select one of the given. And then you will ask to select display scheme. You will have to select one of them and click on Finish.
    3. After finishing, a window will appear. First of all you have to verify your email by click on send verification email and then go to email and verify it. Then you have to click on See campaigns on You have also have to verify this account mean account. Again go to your mail and verify your account otherwise you will not be pay out.
    4. Here a pop up appears where you are asking to select your content preference mean what type of stuff you want to share on social media. If you can share every type of stuff then click on Everything. Butt remember this may contain sexy type images. But if you don’t want to share sexy type stuff then click on family safety. Now click on Save to profile.
      How to make money on mylikes []
      How to make money on mylikes [] (content preference)
    5. After selecting content preference, there are a lot of images available on that page and each have share button. Which image you want to share just click on Share. A pop up will appear, here click on Get Web Link. Here 2 links will available.  Just copy one of them and paste it on social media where you want to share and share it. You can also share on Facebook or Twitter with button available.
      How to make money on mylikes []
      How to make money on mylikes [] ( Post Share).png
    6. You can track your posts and see your earnings by click on Track posts and also see your earnings on daily basis by clicking on Earnings Today. Here your estimated Earning will appear. It will not finalized. Estimated will always greater than estimated. So don’t worry when your earnings will decrease 😛  😉  .
    7. For facebook, twitter and tumblr, you get paid per clicks that come through your posts. You can automatically make these posts using
      mylikes interface.
      For YouTube, you get paid per views on the video(s) you posted (commonly per thousand views). You don’t even need to make the video look good. I use movie maker and photoshop and coreldraw. What I do is make text, turn them to pictures, create a little speech and combine them all on movie maker. Whatever you will be doing depends on the offer you have. But you can just make a video using your digital cameras or phone cameras :-)
      How to make money on mylikes []
      How to make money on mylikes [] (Mylikes Earnings).png
    8. You can also share images and videos  you want and which are not on Mylikes. Just click on Add Image or Add Video. Give link of direct video or Image. Mylikes will provide you a link which you will share on social media. You also can make your own gallery there 😉 . same procedure for it. :-)
    9. Mylikes Pays every Friday and a most important thing is that the traffic you get till tuesday and earning till Tuesday will be pay out at coming friday. Mylikes pay via Paypal and via bank transfer. If you have paypal then wellen good otherwise you sshould have a bank account but they charges i think 20$ for every transaction. So if you don’t have paypal then contact with the person who have paypal, there are many dollar exchangers you can contact to them :-) . and get paid. But remember one thing is that miniumum payout on mylikes is 20$. Don’t use one paypal on 2 or more accounts , your account will ban. Just use one paypal on one Mylikes acccount. 
      How to make money on mylikes []
      How to make money on mylikes [] (Mylikes Payment).png

    Earn $$$ and got paid  😉  😛  😀  .
    I hope this procedure helps you to earn money on mylikes. If you have query or question in your mind then freely ask :-) .



    1. Doesn’t work. After a week they ask you to purchase a domain to continue further. You can try and contact customer support, but they are no help. So then you earned some money, but have no way of accessing it, because they want you to pay in order to get it.

      Explain how that makes sense?

    2. can i use one domain for more than 1 accounts on mylikes? in our country we cant have more than 1 paypal account and you say you cant use one paypal for more than 1 account on mylikes. then if i have 3 twitter accounts then how can i use 3 paypal where our country doesnt allow more than 1 paypal.? what to do in those situations?