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10 Interesting ways How to pass Extra time

10 interesting ways How to pass Extra time at home-Choose your interest

Mostly everyone work hard in working days and want some relaxation after routine work. They get one or two days off. But sometimes we have long vacation season and don’t know how to pass extra time ? Because its universal truth that “An empty mind is a devils workshop”. Every human has some common interests and keeping these interests in mind I will tell you some activities that you can adopt in extra time. These 10 amazing ways How o pass extra time are listed below.

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  1. Go to your friends & relatives:
    If you have got vacations after a long season then best activity is to get your friends company or to  go to your relatives to meet them. They will be happy to join you and your time will be passed amazingly.
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  2. Go for picnic:
    As you are getting bored, call to your dearest friends and ask them to go for picnic. Gather with friends and decide what place to visit. Set your schedule and go for a picnic. Feel free and shout loudly.
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  3. Use Social media:
    If you are not extrovert and you are completely introvert , then best suggestion to pass time is to use social medias. Like Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc. Connect with imaginary world and be a part of new world. Share your  thoughts , chat with new friends , watch videos and taste your interest.As you are searching for how to pass extra time , i say that make your time wasteless.
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  4. Watch TV and Movies:
    Again this hobby is of introvert people in extra time. You don’t want to use social media then watching tv and movie is best practice ever. Know what’s going around world. Know what’s going in your country, watch news channels, informative channels and pass time. If you are not interested in politics and want some relaxation then tune your channel to entertainment channels. Watch movies, listen songs and also watch cartoons 😉 .

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  5. Make a melody & Sing a song:
    If you are musician or composer or you like music  by heart . Then best practice is to pass your time in making a new melody or composing a melody. As you are totally free. Sing a romantic song for your loving one. Don’t care that you have bad voice tone 😛 . I sure you are at right place to know that how to pass extra time?
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  6. Go to world of thoughts:
    In your previous busy days you have experienced many incidents and you didn’t thought much on these incidents because you were not free from work thoughts. Now go back to past days , collect thoughts and analyze them.
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  7. Go to Imagination world:
    7th step in topic , how to pass extra time is that if you are not going out of home and you are not watching movies , not using social medias . Then what to do now? Ok! Lay down, have a deep breath and go to the world of imagination. If you are a jobbing person then think that “what would be if you were on your boss’s place?“ . If you are sensitive about your love then think that “what would be if you were with your love at this time?” .  If you are man of revolutionary thoughts then think beyond limits. Decide your future activities and be creative.
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  8. Play  a prank:
    I know you are not baby 😀 but  you can join child’s company. Just play pranks with children. Play hiding and finding games. Play cards, play luddoo and any relative activity that you like to do in extra time.
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  9. Do exercise:
    I think this is best for all  young boys. Do exercise, go to gym & do best game for your health. Doing exercise in this extra time will be benefited in future. Because “Health is wealth”. And another saying is that “ A healthy body has a healthy mind”  and healthy mind will be cause of success in future.

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  10. Read Books:
    I am not forcing you to read book because i am not your teacher 😀 but telling you because you have extra time and want to know that how to pass extra time.If you are interested in reading books , then go to library and choose a book of your interest.  Library is far from your home ? oh! Get relaxed. You have internet , search everything here. Don’t know where to go on internet. 4jags is with you.  Have a good experience with 4jags.
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I hope that you have liked our post about  how to pass extra time. If you know any other activity rather than these above mentioned . please tell all by commenting below.

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