How to prevent hacking- 10 Online Security Tips

    How to Prevent Hacking- []
    How to Prevent Hacking- []

    How to prevent hacking- 10 Online Security Tips of Routine Adoption

    How to prevent hacking ? With rapid evolution in web based application every company has transformed their work from files to web based databases. This has created a virtual world. But with increasing development techniques Hackers find ways to hack any website. They may hack website to show their aggression and their abilities.
    But how to prevent hacking ?Being a simple user of any website we don’t know that how hacker can hack your website as users don’t know much about the development and internal environment of website/ application.
    I will tell you some important tips that you should adopt if you are serious about your security.

    How to Prevent Hacking- []
    How to Prevent Hacking- []

    10 tips that how to prevent hacking and security internet Guides

    1- Don’t Download any Un-Authorized applications:
    Many people specially newbies on internet find shortcuts for everything.Let me explain what i said in first sentence. Many Facebook users want to get more likes on their status. They want Auto-Liker. When they downloads software and tries to Log-in their account. They gets hacked. :(
    Actually these applications are made by the hackers. When you installs these type of application (like Facebook Auto-liker) this applications installs key-logger (software that record your every keystroke & sends your every key-stroke back to the hacker) . And whatever you types on your computer your email/password and everything that you type goes to the hacker.
    Although this method is old but still working fine for hackers. So, don’t download these un-authorized applications.

    2- Use virtual Keyboard to sign in:
    As i said earlier hackers can install applications on your computer containing key-loggers in it. Sometimes you don’t know that your computer has become victim of hacker and he has installed key-logger on your computer. So, what to do in this situation ? It’s little tricky method to prevent hacking 😉 . Use virtual keyboard. As key-logger records your keystrokes. This time give dodge to key-logger. Search for On-screen keyboard from start menu and write your email and password using this On-screen keyboard. Although it seems difficult but you will be secured.

    How to Prevent Hacking-Virtual keyboard story []
    How to Prevent Hacking-Virtual keyboard story []
    3-Don’t Click on any link:
    While using internet specially social medias (Facebook, twitter) . You may asked to click on any link provided by anonymous (Caution: These links description is always very attractive).. Never click on this link. This link can lead to a spam website and you may get hacked.

    4- Install Anti-Virus and Keep it Up-to-dated:
    Although computer experts claims that Anti-virus is actually virus it-self but i suggest you to install an up-to-dated and latest version of anti-virus (kesperSky internet security, Avg Anti-virus, Avast Anti-virus). Why we need to install anti-virus ? Some times viruses spreads via USB, Flash. These may give chance to hackers. But when you will install up-to-dated anti-Virus this anti-virus will remove malicious items(files, folders) and malware from your computer and plugged-in USB. And your computer will not be affected by these malicious viruses.

    How to Prevent Hacking- Anti virus Guard[].jpg
    How to Prevent Hacking- Anti virus Guard[].jpg
    5- Don’t save passwords:
    4th step while reading about how to prevent hacking is that not to save passwords.Being a regular user of internet. Every user have to sign-in many websites daily and they find it difficult to sign-in .They find it easy to save passwords. Although this is helpful because you don’t need to sign in daily. But be-careful. Hackers have many tricks and method to steals your save passwords online. So best suggested practice is that don’t save your important passwords.

    6- Clear cookies:
    As i said earlier that hackers find it easy to steal your saved passwords online. If you have saved your passwords before reading this article how to prevent hacking-. Go to browser setting and clear you caches and cookies. And don’t give chance to hackers.

    How to Prevent Hacking-Clear Cookies [].jpg
    How to Prevent Hacking-Clear Cookies [].jpg
    7- Don’t Sign-in Spam websites:
    Don’t sign-in spamming websites. But how will we know that website is spam ? Many websites asks to sign in with your social-media websites like Facebook. These are mostly earning or sex based websites. No need to sign-in to these websites. Also check their URL. Is it Okay ?

    How to Prevent Hacking- Spam sites[].jpg
    How to Prevent Hacking- Spam sites[].jpg

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    8- Don’t Share your Laptop/PC to anyone.
    If you are professional and very caring about your passwords and data. Then don’t share your Laptop/ PC with anyone. Don’t compromise on your security. Keep your system separate. And lock your files.

    9- 2 Layered Security to Sign-in:
    Always use 2 layered security. Many websites like Google and Facebook give us ability to set-up 2 layered security. One is your Email and password and 2nd one is Mobile code security. You can cheat key-logger and you will not be worried about your stolen password.

    How to Prevent Hacking- 2 Layered security[].jpg
    How to Prevent Hacking- 2 Layered security[].jpg
    10- Don’t Log-in From others PC/laptop:
    In all previous steps i told you not to install any un-authorized app and told about key-logger. And suggested you not install any application like this. But you can be cheated if you are innocent enough. 😛 You have not installed keylogger in your PC but may be your friend or colleague had installed in his own pc. And when you will log-in from your friends PC . You will be definitely hacked.

    Final Words:
    These were the simple tips that how to prevent hacking. You must follow in your daily work routine on internet. These are not professional level tips but for beginner or newbies. If you know any other tip that can be helpful please mention it in comment. Also give us feedback about this interesting topic how to prevent hacking.