how to Submit Website to Search engines like a DoFollow Backlink

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how to Submit Website to Search engines like a DoFollow Backlink

how to Submit, Verify and Index site in google Search Engines-Google webmaster tool step by step guide to Index Website Links Quickly in a Second

for a Beginners there is difficult for them to rank their newly sites because there are many factors to rank a website.after building up a website, we must focus on submit your website to search engines. because it is more effective ranking tool of any type of website.

“how to submit my personal Website in google webmaster tool to Index Like a Strong Backlink step by step guide for beginners with pictures “

1). put query in google search bar”Google Search Console”(Google Webmaster Tool) and login to it by Gmail Account.

2). after login, click Add property Button. As shown in picture below red add property button is circled.

3). after click add property button your window will look like this

4). now add your website URL and click continue button.

5). after click continue button your window will be seen like this

Now in display window you will see two options:

  1. Recommended Method
  2. Alternative Method

we will use option No# 1.

  • in recommended option first click the Download link as show in above picture (this is html file you have to download for submit site in google webmaster tool).
  • Now upload your html file in your website home Directory through FTP(file transport protocol) or via C panel.(for upload html file to FTP or c panel you first login to your desired access we can say FTP . after login to FTP on right site you will see your whole website data will display. from left site of FTP select your downloaded html file from your computer and upload it to the home directory).
  • after uploaded html file to Home Directory come back to your google webmaster tool and click the conformation link. as shown in the picture below.

6). click conform option No#3 it will redirect you to your web browser and you will see one link code. its mean you upload your file successfully.

now a last task is to Verify.

7). click the red verify button as shows in the picture above.

Congratulation you have “Submit,Verify and Index Website in google Search Console “.

i also want to inform you it is very necessary to submit site to google search console because you can index your page from webmaster tool  to rank your post/site quickly in google search like a Strong Backlink.

if you feel any confusion  in submit your site to search engines comment us below. our team quickly response you to solve your problem.





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