Imran khan getting 3rd marriage this year-who will next wife?

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Imran khan getting 3rd marriage this year-who will next wife?

a fantastic news for PTI Lovers. captain announced to getting again marriage . he announced at the front of media for this 3rd marriage. she said that i already talk to my Sons and get permission for this. whats way he announced publicly for next 3rd marriage.

this is a great news for Pti lovers and others because their leader again thinking to getting marriage. who will be the Imran khan next Wife still not declared. so a big confusion for their lovers. they are waiting for such shocking news. he has already 2 sons. and left 1st wife.

3rd Marriage Real Truth News:

it is listen through News Channel “Some One special advice imran khan if you will not get marry then you can’t become Prime Minister”. that’s way PTI Chairman decide to get 3rd marriage.

it is also listen that Imran khan news of Marriage is confirmed “he got marriage with pakpattan girl”. imran khan also visit pakpattan three times and both imran khan and her next 3rd wife also seen in Darbar pakpattan shareef. Now a question is that how much this news is True will announced when imran khan itself will speak truth publicly.

imran khan 3rd wife pics
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imran khan 3rd wife pics

what Samia khan say about Imran khan 3rd Marriage:

samia khan say marriage ceremony is not good for imran khan. he always remain fail in marriage. i also tell to imran khan your 2nd marriage will not succeed so don’t take this step just think about Pakistan. and now i am again want to remind imran khan please don’t take this 3rd marriage step again you will again disappointed. she did this statement in TV Program. major point is that imran khan not get 3rd marriage still but later on what happened i can’t say something.

Conclusion about Imran khan 3rd Marriage

imran khan 2nd wife was Reham khan. but within a year he left her. and now again imran khan thinking about marriage. and hot news is that imran khan 3rd wife is Maryam Riaz Wattoo. maryam riaz wattoo is sister is married in monica Family. Maryam Wattoo need to use Faiza Beauty Cream ūüėÄ .it also listen mayram also belongs to Monica family but basically she is what happened? who will she? is she belong to Pakistan or USA still in confusion for Pakistan people.

Let see what happening.

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