iphone 8 price and release date in pakistan

Launched iPhone 8 Price in Pakistan-features Pictures and Specs for you

New iPhone 8 Price in Pakistan 2017-Release date new features, specifications

everyone wanted t0 know about iphone 8 price in Pakistan India, Bangladesh, its features specifications and release date. And everyone is waiting to launch of iPhone 8 from 2015. but apple company still delayed it. but now exciting news is that they decided to release iPhone 8 in September 2017. it’s a thrilling news for iPhone 8 fans because they are waiting for a long time. do you what features, specifications they added to new iPhone 8? and how much price is to buy apple iPhone 8? chill I explained you in a detail 🙂

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the main feature of apple 8 is that we can bend it according to our decision 🙂 it’s flexible and even we hared it transparent. so it will expensive after all its apple production a name of Brand.iphone 8 is releasing all over the world. but it will cost you different according to your country. Now Question about it will release in Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh? yes, it covers all world including Asian countries.

Upcoming iphone 8 price release date new features, specifications in Pakistan India 
iphone 8 price release date new features, specifications in Pakistan India

iphone 8 price features and specifications
iphone 8 price features and specifications

iPhone 8 features and Specifications:

  1. is it Supported 2G, 3G, and 4G?                      Yes
  2. how many colors this contain?                        black, gold, silver, Jet black, rose Gold
  3. Iphone 8 processor?                                          core, quad
  4. its Chipset?                                                          Apple  A11
  5. Apple 8 Memory?                                               built it 256/128/32GB with 3GB Ram
  6. phone Size?                                                         4.7inch
  7. it’s Resolution?                                                  750* 1334pix
  8. iPhone 8 Main Camera MP?                          12MP autofocus quad-led and with flash feature
  9. Front Camera Mp?                                           7Mp
  10. Supported Radio?                                              No
  11. Bluetooth?                                                          V 4.2 and LE
  12. USB Connected?                                              yes
  13. HotSpot Supported?                                        yes
  14. Wifi Supported?                                                yes
  15. GPRS?                                                                 yes
  16. Messages?                                                         yes(SMS, push Messages, email messages, MMS)
  17. Games?                                                              yes built in and Downloadable
  18. Browser                                                             Safari and HTML 5
  19. Torch?                                                               yes
  20. Battery?                                                             yes off course
  21. Iphone 8  price?                                              Not Decided yet
  22. Protected?                                                              1). Crystal Glass

2).  Oleophobic protected

3). 3D Tuch Display

4). Zoom Button

5). Home Button

23. Iphone 8 Price in Pakistan, India?                Will Announced Soon

24.iPhone 8 release date in Pak, India                September

iphone 8 price and release date in pakistan
iphone 8 price and release date in pakistan

So Are you Guys Excited to Buy new apple iPhone 8. So keep in touch for latest updates I hope you watch new Super power E-Car Price launching in Pakistan with 4 doors and 2 door features


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