Islamic Calender 2018-1439 Hijri Calender Dates Months in URDU and English

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    Like any other Islamic country, there are many people in Pakistan who follow the Islamic calendar and there are so many events and holidays in the country according to the Islamic calendar. The Islamic calendar 2018 is also different from the Georgian calendar and it is really difficult to find the simple and detailed Islamic Calendar 2018 online.

    Also you can find urdu calendar 2018 online which has both dates for each day and it is really easy to follow. The Islamic calendar for 2018 covers the Hijri Year 1439 and 1440 in it. Also there are different concepts of Islamic calendar for different countries. Like the Islamic calendar 2018 for Saudi Arabia is based on Ummul Qura System and it is totally different from the Georgian Hijri Calendar 2018. Similarly, the Islamic calendar 2017 and Islamic Hijri Calendar 2018 are also different from the Ummal Qura System.

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    Islamic Calender 2018 1439 Hijri Months and Days Dates Details

    The 1439 Hijri Calendar is contained by the 2017 and 2018 georgian calendar and the 2018 Georgian Calendar will also have the Hijri year 1440 in it. The Urdu Calendar 2018 makes it really simple and easy to understand the Hijri years. There are also different versions of 2018 islamic calendar Pakistan because the shia Islamic calendar 2018 is different from the normal Islamic Hijri calendar of 2018.

    Other than the Gregorian Hijri calendar, the imamia jantri 2018 will also be updated in the start of 2018 similar to the calendar islam 2018. You can find all the public and Islamic special days and holidays according to the Hijri calendar which are really easy to find if you follow the Islamic calendar 1439.

    With the help of 2017 and 2018 calendar with Islamic dates, it is really easy for you to find the Islamic date today in Pakistan and also the Hijri Calendar date in Pakistan today with details of the holidays. Also if you follow the Saudi Arabia Hijri calendar, you can also find the current day in Saudi Arabia from Islamic calendar 2018. People also prefer using 2017 calendar with Islamic dates in Pakistan because it is really simple and easy to understand other than the Hijri Calendar 2017. Also the next year Hijri Islamic calendar is now available online which has detail of all the Islamic holidays and special occasion and you can also find the today Islamic date in Pakistan 2017 very easily.

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