RiRi Perfume by Rihanna |new RiRi perfume Reviews and price in USA,India

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Ladies new RiRi Perfume by Rihanna  Reviews and price 

You have many Questions in your mind.what is the Name of Rihanna new perfume? whats the price? is people like new perfume? So, whats the people reviews about new deodorant product? is this deodorant for men or women? and Can i buy perfume in USA, India and Pakistan? So, Don’t be worry. i have answer of all these questions. Lets Start in detail.

RiRi Perfume:

American(USA) Singer launched her new Perfume product in the market. and she set the name of the product RiRi perfume by Rihanna. singer launched her 6th product in the market and people like this perfume very much like other products. she introduced RiRi perfume in 3 different Oz weight. like 1.7 Oz, I.0 Oz, 3.4 Oz. So, what’s the price of the product?

RiRi Perfume Benefits:

RiRi Fruity Vanilla flavor introduced in the market late Summer of 2015 with a handsome Qualities and befitifts. this Scent carries Orange Blossom, pink freesia, Jasmine, Honey Suckle. So, Just Fruity Perfume/scent fragrance available as Eau De perfume.

Riri fregrence Perfume/scent for women with Best Price

RiRi Perfume Price in USA:
RiRi Perfume by Rihanna USA price of 1.7Oz of 50Ml is just 26.99$.

RiRi perfume USA, UK Canada price of 3.4 oz of  100Ml is just 60$. buy it Now.

RiRi Perfume by Rihanna USA price of 1.7oz not Available right Now.

also you can buy it any nearby Cosmetic shop in USA,UK, Canada, England.

RIRI by Rihanna perfume Price in Pakistan:

Not available yet in Pakistan. but you can try Faiza Beauty Cream

RiRi Perfume by Rihanna Price  in India:

Still Not available in India.

RiRi Perfume Reviews:


its reference like a strawberry just like my 2 year son strawberry pedit pilous. its smell to attractive. but not good enough for using.


wao! i like this fruity creamy Rihanna Riri perfume. its has smell like that if my husband came in my room hi used it for attraction 🙂 i will recommend to you  to use it.


such a pretty strawberry and vanilla smell in beautiful unique and lovely bottle. i just love it. i realised it just refreshing. thanks rihanna for this 🙂


this Riri just bozeey beacuse of rum. among all Rihanna perfumes Riri is my favorite. its smell so nice and pretty.


it just perfect for warm days. i used it by driving car and first i used body spray but lately used Riri just for Fun :-). but this amazing. love it.

Zoha Sigal:

i am from pakistan. i have listen too much about Riri. but this product is not available in Pakistan. can anybody suggest me how can i buy for it? because i like first its beautiful packing.

I Hope you like Rihanna new Eau DE Perfume for women with best price and user best reviews. So, just Buy Riri Perfume by Rihanna.





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