New Design Super Power E CAR 4-Door and 2-Door Price in Pakistan 2017

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Pakistani local Company takes a big step and enhance his market by introducing super power E-Car. yeah, new design e-car going to launch in September 2017. they introduce 2 types of e-cars in the market at a lowest price. one id 2 Door and the second one is 4 door. both are new design cars. New shapes care are going to break the market. and the super power company main target is middle people a low budget audience because by selling at the low price they can sell more cars in the market. and everyone can easily access to buy this beautiful car.

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Both are Electronic cars. the main benefit is that we can charge them. both cars can run at 120km per hour speed. and have power staring. its mean people will leave to drive Vitz, swift, move, wagoner etc. because at this time super power e-car contains maximum features. some are

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Super Power E car 4 door Specifications and price:

  • How many People Can Sit ?                                         4 people
  • Is e-car has power starring                                             yes
  • Super Power 4 Door Colors?                                        Yellow
  • 4 DOOR Car breaking System?                                   Anti-Lock Breaks
  • per KM Speed?                                                               120KM/H
  • Has Car AC?                                                                    yes
  • 4 Door E Car Price                                                        Only 650,000

super power 2 door an d4 door car prices in pakistan
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super power 2 door an d4 door car prices in Pakistan

Super Power E car 2 Door Variant price and Functionalities:

  1. How many People Can Sit ?                                                 2 people
  2. Is e-car has power starring                                                  yes
  3. Super Power 2 Door Colors?                                                Red
  4. 2 DOOR E-Car breaking System?                                      Anti-Lock Breaks
  5. Car per KM Speed?                                                               120KM/H
  6. AC?                                                                                            yes
  7. 2 Door E Car Price                                                             Only 600,000

super power e cars 2 door parice in pakistan 2018
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super power e cars 2 door parice in pakistan 2018

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Both Cars Will launch in September 2017 and within few weeks company going to announce ceremony.

So Wait for 2 to 3 months to buy cars and made an Honour of Super Power E Car.

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