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Punjab Safe Cities Authority communication officer Answer Keys and result(PPIC)

Punjab Safe Cities Authority communication officer/ Communication Specialist Answer Keys and result(PPIC) are you looking for a result held on 22 May 2016 of Communication officer. Nts announced Test Answer keys of peper at night after test. but NTS  delayed to announced result of Punjab Safe Cities Authority Batch 1 result. Punjab police introduced new department… Read More »

what are Rural Social development Institutions to stop poverty in society

What are Rural Social development Institutions to stop poverty today lesson we will cover following topics in Detail: 1). What is Rural? 2). What is Rural Development? 3). Rural Social Institutions? 4). 5 Basic Institutions of society or types of Social institutions 5). Characteristics of Rural Areas 6). Family 7). Elements of Family Structure 8). Functions… Read More »

what is definition of formal informal adult educational Institutions

educational institutions-formal informal adult education Educational Institution: Institutions dealing with students, teachers, curriculum, socialization of individuals and fulfilling the needs of society area called educational Institutions.educational institutions are a pat of life to develop our self and society and we must discuss here what is educational institutions-formal informal adult education.might See Top 5 Best University in… Read More »

XAMPP and its components, Difference between PHP&Perl.

 XAMPP and its components What is XAMPP? XAMPP is an abbreviated word which comes from five words, written as follows: ‘X’ refers to Cross (Cross-platform) ‘A’ refers to Apache (HTTP Server) ‘M’ refers to MySQL (Database) ‘P’ refers to PHP (Server-side scripting language) ‘P’ refers to Perl (Also scripting programming language) So, we can define XAMPP as:… Read More »