Top 5 family lawyers in Lahore- Best law firm in Lahore Pakistan

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Top Family Lawyers in Lahore: If you are looking for a good lawyer for your family problem then you are at right place. We gathered the list best of the top 5 law firms in Lahore. These family lawyers in Lahore solve your family problem in a professional way like Court Marriage, Nikah, Guardian Certificate, Divorce, Custody of children, Company Registration, Dowry, Maintenance of wife and children, all types of criminal cases, all types of civil cases, property cases and rent cases.If you are facing these kinds of problems then we have the list below of top 5 lawyers in Lahore with their contact info chose one of them and get in touch with them. They deal all kind of cases with very confidential and decent way.

Here is List of top and Best 5 Family Lawyers in Lahore:

  1. Ch. Shahzad Ashraf: 

Dealing with Family Matters, Marriage maintenance and criminal cases as well and a very experienced lawyer in Lahore.
Contact Info: 0300 9449659.
Location: Office No. 3, 2nd floor, Chamman Tower, Wapda Town, Lahore.

  1. Advocate Nazia: 

She is the 2nd Best advocate in Lahore dealing with cases specially related to Marriages and Custody of Minors.
Contact Info: 0324 4207207.
Location: Dhaka Road, cantt courts, Lahore cantt.

  1. Muhammad Ali Naeem: 

He is the 3rd Best Family case lawyer in Lahore deals with Marriages and Guardian cases.
Contact Info: 0346 4465967.
Location: 394D Lahore.

  1. Rana Ijaz: 

Also a well-known family lawyer deals with divorce and marriage cases and also deals with custody of the children with a very elegant way.
Contact Info: +92(42) 3731-2828, +92(42) 3732-1664.
Location: RA Tower, 7-A Turner Road, Lahore.

  1. Advocate Hassan:

He deals all the cases relevant to the court marriages, Online Nikah, Dissolution of Marriage and all family affairs skillfully.
Contact Info: 0310 4832576.
Location: Lahore, Pakistan.

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