New Model Toyota Corolla GLI 2017-2018 price in Pakistan india with pictures

    New Model Toyota Corolla GLI 2017 2018 price in Pakistan india with pictures
    New Model Toyota Corolla GLI 2017 2018 price in Pakistan india with pictures

    Are you Wating for Toyota GLI ? want to know about Toyota Corolla GLI 2017 price in Pakistan? Want to buy Corolla Gli 2017? Don’t be worry good news is that corolla is coming with new design model and with the best price in Pakistan Bangladesh and India. Toyota company is operated since 1971 to produce cars all over the world. and one of the top cars company in the whole world. in every country, people uses their cars and are satisfied and happy because it has a low price even of large size. every year they introduce a new model of corolla gli. this year model name is Toyota corolla gli 2017. so what the price of Toyota corolla gli 2017 price in Pakistan and Suzuki Swift 2018 and is company introduce new functions or not let discuss in detail.

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    New Model Toyota Corolla GLI 2017 2018 price in Pakistan india with pictures
    Toyota Corolla GLI 2017 2018 price in Pakistan  with pictures

    Toyota Corolla Gli Release date Features and Specifications and price:

    1. Gli Engine CC?                                                   1298cc
    2. Toyota Gli   Gear?                                              5 Gear
    3. Mileage per Liter?                                               12-16 km per liter
    4. Type of Fuel?                                                       Petrol
    5. Car Power?                                                         84hp
    6. Has it back camera?                                            yes
    7. How many people can sit?                                  5 people
    8. Gli is Manual?                                                       yes
    9. Gli Breaking System?                                           Anti-lock Breaking System
    10. Cylinder                                                                4
    11. Gli has GPS System?                                            yes
    12. heater System?                                                    yes
    13. Belt Seat?                                                             yes
    14. Safety lock?                                                          yes
    15. the car has Speakers?                                           6 speakers
    16. Toyota Gli Rims?                                                  Steel Rims
    17. Car 2017 Steering type?                                        Electronic Rack with pinion
    18. Car Doors?                                                            4 Doors
    19. Camera For Parking?                                            yes built-in
    20. is car Air Condition?                                              Yes
    21. Corolla Gli Fuel Tank Capacity?                           55L
    22. When Will Corolla Gli Launch?                               soon will update you
    23. corolla Gli launch in Pakistan India?                       yes
    24. Toyota Gli 2017 Price in Pakistan?                       170,9550 only

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    So, just wait for one to 2 months more to buy and see Toyota Corolla Gli 2017 price in Pakistan at the lowest price. soon company decided to announce Ceremony Date of Corolla Gli 2017. and then will available in the market for customers. for up to date stay connected we will update time to time. if you want to know Iphone 8 price in paksitan 2017 or want to but Super power E-Car you can visit our site.