What is C language?-Difference between C and C++

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What is C language?-Difference between C & C++

What is C language?

                               C language is structured high level programming language which was developed by Dennis Ritchie in the range of 1969 – 1973 at the laboratrie named AT & T Bell.

                            The major program that was written in C language is the Unix Operating system. And in 1989 , C language has become standarized language of ANSI(American National Standards institute).

                             C is the language that act as mediam between man and computer. It is the High Level Computer Language(easily understand by human and far from computer’s directly understanding). It is derived from ealier language named B. C language is basically designed for system programs as programming language. But now C language has become a popular and powerful as well as flexible language for a variety of application programs on business and engineering level. It is also used especially for personal computer programmers because C language is a smaller language and cover less memory as compared to othe programming.

                             The C language has standard rules which are followed during writing various programs. These programs are the syntax of the language. Similarly, other structured programming also have their own rules or syntax. As already discussed that C language is high level language but it is also closer to Assembly Language as compared to the other high level language. So, it is also close to the understanding mashine language. This closeness becomes code of programs, very efficient. But this type of nature may become C language for different applications. Its more modified form is C++ which is more high level language than C language.

Difference Between C language and C++ language:-

What is C language-Difference between C and C++
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What is C language-Difference between C and C++

The main difference between C and C++ language is that C language is procedural language but C++ is Object oriented(non-procedural) language. As in C language, functions, operators are used to manipulate variables, constants, expressions, etc. But in C++ language, not only variables but also object can be created like real world objects.

C language supports only built-in data-types. But on the other side, C++ language supports both built-in as well as user-defined data types. For example, int, char, float are the built-in data types in both languages. But in C++, classes which define user are also used as data types.

C language supports only variables declaration and definition where’s C++ language support both variables and objects declaration and definition.

The other difference is Inheritance. Inheritance is not possible in C language but classes can be inherited in C++ languages.

Main function (main( )) can be called from other functions in C language but in C++ it cannot be not possible.

In C language, multiple declaration of a global variable can be occurred but multiple declaration is not allowed in C++ language.

Operator overloading is not possible in C language but operator overloading is the important function of C++ language.

There are not virtual functions in C language but virtual functions are present in C++ language.

some keywords are also different. As  in C language, for input and output “scanf( ) and printf( ) ” are used. But in C language, for input and output “cin>> and cout<< ” are used.


Conclusion is that C language is popular high level programing language which is one step lower than C++.

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