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In 2017, online shopping in Pakistan is now really popular and people love to buy products online while sitting and home. There are also many online Shopping Sites in Pakistan which offer people a range of items in a different category and some of them are also dedicated to a specific category while the others have multiple categories from clothing to mobile phones and electronics. Almost 5 years ago, there were not so many reliables with online shopping in Pakistan and the few of the Pakistan stores were not trusted by the general public. But nowadays, people love to buy their favorite items online and with ease due to the free home delivery from the online shopping sites in Pakistan. For example, females in Pakistan love to visit online Handy Craft shopping sites in Pakistan.

Also, the online shopping sites in Pakistan 2017 are providing a mobile friendly feature which makes it easy and simple to shop online in Pakistan. There are so many online stores in Pakistan right now but not all of them are equally trusted. Also, some of the online shopping platforms are really famous and they have now become huge brands. Thanks to the online stores, people are now really enjoying online shopping in Pakistan 2018 and the websites for buying products online are now pretty famous.

Here is a list of top online sites in Pakistan with free Home delivery on different categories and number of products in Pakistan. These online shopping sites are really famous and also provide super services like free home delivery and replace faulty stuff. Also the online shopping portals provide the opportunities to sellers to get their products listed on their Pakistan online shopping sites to get more sales.

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online shopping sites in Pakistan 2018
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20 +best online shopping sites in Pakistan 2018

Here 20+ Best and Top online Shopping Sites in Pakistan 2018

1). Homeshopping.pk
Homeshopping store is another top online shopping site in Pakistan to buy your favorite products online. Similar to Daraz.pk, HomeShopping also provides multiple categories for shopping online from jewelry and clothing to laptops and smartphones. The site is known for its in time delivery to the customers and it claims to be the most simple and easy to use online shopping store in Pakistan.

2). ShopClick.pk
The ShopClick.pk online store is among the top online shopping stores in Pakistan. The thing which makes ShopClick different and better than other is the option for sellers to add their products to the site to get more sales and reach more customers. Also, the site specializes in the sale of handy crafts and handmade products other than the apparel and footwear etc.

3). iShopping
Similar to Daraz.pk and HomeShopping, iShopping is really famous online shopping site in Pakistan and a lot of daily sales are made on this e-store of Pakistan. The site provides 24/7 services to its customers and it is based on a simple format which contains all the different types of products from electronics to clothing and home appliances etc.

4). Daraz.pk
The number 1 online shopping website in Pakistan is Daraz.pk. Daraz is the top online store in Pakistan with a range of different categories and the option to get the products delivered to your doorstep after shopping you favorite product online. Daraz.pk is also the really famous name in the e-commerce industry of Pakistan. It provides online shopping for Apparel, gadgets, shoes, electronics, jewelry and fashion accessories. Also, the number 1 online shopping site in Pakistan provides services like seasonal discounts, replacement guarantees, and free home delivery. Due to its daily number of sales and countrywide popularity, Daraz.pk is the number one in the list of online shopping websites in Pakistan.

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5). ShopHive
The ShopHive is also a really well-known name in the list of top online shopping websites. The site provides excellent services to its customers and specially it has the largest variety and range of electronic products like speakers, LEDs, computer accessories, cameras and smartphones. Also ShopHive is known for its dedicated customer support and hassle-free delivery services.

6). Yayvo.com
Yayvo is also a really popular online shopping store in Pakistan and the thing which makes it different from others is that it is owned by the largest courier service in Pakistan, TCS. The site has all the different categories full of different products and it is known for its real-time fastest delivery services via TCS. Also, the link with TCS makes it the top online store in Pakistan with its fault proof and fast-paced delivery services.

7). Telemart
When it comes to online stores in Pakistan and online shopping services, the name of Telemart is the most old and trusted one and it claims to be the first online store in the Pakistan e-commerce industry. The Telemart.pk is known for delivering quality branded services at the buyer’s doorstep.

7). Symbios.pk
Symbios online store is also one of the most famous and oldest online store in the country. The Symbios.pk online shopping site has eased so many people in getting the best quality of their favorite products delivered at their doorstep. Similar to any other online shopping website, Symbios also have multiple categories and a wide range of products to buy online in Pakistan.

8). Savers.pk
Savers.pk is also a growing network in the list top online shopping websites of Pakistan in 2017. The owners of Savers.pk claim to be providing the best quality and the most cheaper rates for products in Pakistan.

9). Kaymu.pk
The name of Kaymu cant be skipped while making the list of top online stores in Pakistan for shopping. Kaymu.pk is one of the top online shopping stores in Pakistan and they are known for making connections between buyers and sellers and grooming the e-commerce industry of Pakistan. Also Kaymu.pk has played a vital role in advancing the concept of online shopping in Pakistan and increased people’s familiarity with the concept of getting their favorite products online.

10). Lootlo.pk
Similar to savers.pk, Lootlo.pk too claims to be providing the best values and the top quality online shopping services to its customer. The site has a range of different categories like electronics, apparel, shoes, household electronics and healthcare products. Also similar to many online shopping sites in Pakistan, Lootlo.pk also provides free shipping of its products all over the country.

11). Magiclamp
Like all the other online shopping stores in Pakistan, MagicLamp also provides its customers with a large number of categories and a range of products in each of them. The thing which makes the MagicLamp online shopping site more special, is the possibility to get the best quality US imported products and getting them delivered at your doorstep.

12). Mega.pk
The Mega.pk online store is also really old similar to ShopHive and it has gathered so much fame over the years. The services of Mega.pk are really awesome and people do leave good reviews for this online store in Pakistan due to its easy to use format and free home delivery services within short time.

13). Shoprex.com
Many of us may not be familiar with the name of ShopRex at this time but it is really emerging online store in Pakistan and a number of online buyers seem to be satisfied by the services of ShopRex. It is not popular like the others due to lack of focus on its marketing but the services are really amazing and it will be in the list of top online shopping websites in Pakistan soon.

14). 24hours.pk
Similar to ShopRex, 24hours.pk is also not much famous like Daraz.pk and Yayvo but their services and range of products make them really trustworthy. Due to its awesome services and customer friendly interface, 24hours.pk gets thousands of unique visitors on daily basis which will make it in the top online shopping stores in Pakistan in the near future.

More Online top Sites List will Update you Soon. Stay Connected.

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