30 2020 fast ways to earn Some Extra Money online or offline to become billionaire

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Simple 30 2020 Tricks to earn Some Extra Money online or offline to become billionaire

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now a Era of Money. every one tries to get some extra money to survive because it 21 century. and one line you daily listen “life is race and you have to run with time to survive”. by this line only one thing coming in our mind if we have money we can live easily in any country without worries and sorry to say if you have not money then you can considered yourself as a dead person who cant do any thing for itself or for his family. so by seeing such circumstances everyone now in race of How to earn Some Extra Money online of offline, or any fast trick to get huge amount. so today i am going to share some fast online and offline methods to earn extra money. read it carefully and please share your remarks below. and if something you feel wrong you can also edifies me.

1). How to earn extra Money form Youtube online at home:

Youtube Many of the Creators convert their passion into profit by working on YouTube platform. For me my passion is musical performance and I’ve been a drummer for as long as I can remember so I’ve been told many times to keep my day job. However I might I might decide that I want to turn my passion for drumming into a profitable enterprise and earn money from youtube and you can also download it. One way I could do this is I could create videos that would appeal to others that share my passion I could upload videos to youtube and wait for the dollars to rolling. Well as you may know this doesn’t automatically. We’ll work together to demystify monetization. And help you drum up some cash okay so let’s start with some basics. There are 4 key Players when it comes to YouTube monetization. There are the

  • Viewers
  • Advertisers
  • Creators
  • youtube platform itself.

As you too have faults we strive to keep the interests of each of these key players in mind. So from your perspective. We want you to to be the best place on the internet for viewers to find and enjoy entertaining concert. Hopefully like my German. From a creator perspective. We want you to to be the optimal platform where you can produce that content and make sustainable revenue from and from an advertiser perspective we want a safe environments. Where they can reach their target audiences with measurable precision. So when my example viewers around the world who are interested in drumming can come to you too for entertainment or education or to find others that share their interests. As a partner I’m one of many creators producing content and viewers come to watch. And the advertisers who want to reach an audience help fund this experience in return for exposure to there at. Youtube Is the platform that makes this possible. Drumming aficionados. And everyone else.

2). How to Make Money from dailymotion online:

Make money with dailymotion is best choice to learn online because it’s free to join you do not have to pay anything and quick monetize videos means upload your videos and that’s get approved for monetize in wild no waiting lists rejection for monetize their easy step to learn like sign up to dailymotion. Become partner and then upload your videos and you’re good to go so what’s easiest way to earn money online here I will tell you how to make money with dailymotion. Before we start let’s take a look how to create dailymotion partner account.


First of all Go to dailymotion.com. Now, Go to all the way down to the participate section. Click on monetize tap. For become dailymotion partner. Click on get started. Now. You have 3 options to become partner. First one is you can create new dailymotion account With Your email address. If you do not have Dailymotion account.

Second one is You can become a partner with Your dailymotion account. Just sign in With your dailymotion account. Third one has You can Sign up with You’re G plus account. Or Facebook account. Fill out the details and click create. Click On Enable monetization And then Tick on I agree term and condition. Now you are become Dailymotion partner. Now you know how to become a dailymotion partner. But here the question is how to make money with dailymotion.

there are there are 3 ways to earn money in dailymotion.

First one is video monetization. video monetization is best choice to earn money here you can earn revenue from answer done your videos means after associated with dailymotion partner you were an able to monetize your video and thought sit whenever you upload your videos it cinematically showing ads around your videos and you make money if heads do not sure around your video then might be your channel and disable mode for monetization. Take stats and image ads appear on top bottom and side bar here you can see. There are also video advertisement which appear before after in middle of your videos.

Second one is paid content. This option is like Richard videos on demand or on a monthly subscription basis to earn revenue you just set your price for certain time in your videos goes for rent on dailymotion let’s take a look. Go to video setting and go to all the way down to paid content option click on that here you have to set prices hours and free preview duration and click to save then your video on rent.

Figured one this website monetization these feature is best if you have site you need to verify your site and you can embed dailymotion videos on your site and earn a share of advertising revenue here you can earn just for sharing others videos on your site going to channel setting. Click on website monetization. Click on verify site. Type just your domain name don’t include HTTP or WWW. Now you have to put verification code in your site to verify. Now you have to verify your site to embed dailymotion video. No verification takes 24 hours to verify your site. I hope  you to understand how to earn extra money with dailymotion. So, Thanks .

3). How To Earn Extra Money on Adfly on the side

I’m gonna show you how to make $2000 per month using Adsfly. you free can believe that but it is true you know adsfly is a website which allow you to shorten your URLs he’s no different from tiny URL .com or Big.L. Y.

however it does differ because out fly out acts whenever someone open the shortened URL there’s a 5 second frame which show an ad that the timing is very short and the majority of people don mind waiting 5second and you will get up to $9 per 1000 views your CPM rate depends on adfly link profit more CPM means more money. Adfly has become Country target of profit system. for example if you got 1000 week from America and earn $9 and the same day you got another 1000 clicks from China and earn extra $6 double.

Total You’ve got 9 per $615 that day.so the question is how much money you can earn with adfly it is a good questions how much you could earn form adfly depends on which location your link that clicks anyway if you really put some effort you will get a lot of money $9 1000 use it may sound small but just think for a second how big these Facebook how much people you seem fazed daily there are more than 500000000 people using faced on a daily basis imagine if you could get even a small portion of facebook, you can click on your adfly link. let how much money you can use their only Facebook on internet there are many other such networks such as Facebook, you can cost your link on twitter, G+ Pinterest. you can also paste your link on Youtube and upload.Well if you videos and provide appropriate shorten links under your media description you can even make a website you can start a website by spending a small amount of money you can even start a website for free like blog using blogger. good can then and spread your links on it refer other you can make money by referring your wrath labor for a link to your friends relatives or anyone. and earn 20 per off their ending for a lifetime why you can refer out adfly to advisers and get their 5per on every percentage on every advertising Ordered day make. So I will you get them all let’s take a quick tour on out by now you’re seeing the outside that sport on the screen on the upper side you can see a quick access menu have play has there really you.

Friendly interface we need to appreciate adfly  for that under here you can see that you are a box in the shrink button but then you know that you can see the earnings and your talk views and down here you sense you out lve graph. okay, let’s get started to first step copy a custom URL or any URL that you want to Shorten them just go and come back  to dashboard you can click here paste the URL click the green button that publish now you’re going to make money let’s ride on browser now you can see the five second here and this is that i’m finished you can see the skip button to skip that and just click that and you will be directed in Uncharted you are that you use to for this particular shot but this is what happens every time when somebody click on your ads while you were getting with a adfly without even running a website without even spending a money even you will get done while you’re sleeping that’s how you make money with a adfly. so let’s go post this link somewhere let’s go to Facebook this is my Facebook fan page

and let’s paste the link here and type something if you want you can add an awesome picture to this post so your boss will get more views your post was more eye-catching yes your Link is now posted Wao it like a charm if you want to test it out flowering check out the link below in the description you can sign up to a fly if you don’t have an account Click Link that’s how you make money online with a adfly.

4). How to earn Extra Money form IncomeOn Website

Signup now a question how to earn? when you like someone post you have seen a popup window is appear and written Congrats you have earned $o.o1 etc and your total balance is $5.7. yes just by like post you will earn dollar in the type of cents. Now i will tell you how you can earn fast? search in google ads Plus for Crome. and click on ad-block PLUS Link and add extension in your browser it is Crome or Mozilla. this is for popup window to block it for seen every time when you liked post and. now you can continuously like posts without tanshon of popup.

You can also see Great Job Button on post . what is great job button? great job is that when you click on this button post owner earning little amount will you get. it doesn’t mean owner income will decrease. you can understand it as referral income.

How to Enable Great Post Button? when you post some thing from your account and publish it you see Heart at right side. just click on it. it will call you to cut $0.2 from your account and it Boost your post to many people and when anyone like it you will get huge amount. So, this is easy way to earn extra money online form IncomeOn.

5). How to Earn from Fiverr : Become Billionare

I’m going to show you guys today how to use Fiverr.com and earn money from Fiverr.com is a website that gives you pay $5 starting at $5 some gigs go up to $10 $20 $30 whatever it just depends on what you want in that do you their call gig space your finest service. $5 will get you free traffic. 2 or 5 rows traffic to your teammates 2 minutes to you too channels.

Your social networks whatever you can get clicks you can give followers. I was really good and I am showing you guys how to use it because I know there’s a lot of. Guys out there that really hits of the Apollo network and network marketers who just start now in one of review. Striding make this business work for them. So I am showing you all little nuggets that I’ve learned. A long way to help me make over. $ a day. My income Not network marketers and. I was never one before I just regular date. Radio show host you guys always hear me talk about my radio so we’re talking on radio check that out. But. So we can Tracy Walker came to me our leader of the Dream Team.

Our network Dream Team hatreds night doing it came to me and just basically told me how to. Maximize my business so I’ve been doing it ever since. So. I also use 5 I use fiverr to advertise my show. To bring traffic to Our network. Well website so. First thing you wanna do this is fiverr this is a new site I preferred start side mislead him a little bit but this is a new site first anyone do is in this plan here says get started. Once you get started you come over here. Enjoy. You create your and your great. How long Who As you see that’s my login and you can use Facebook login and if you like. But what I’m doing a signing. Yeah dashboard for fiverr is here.make gig and Promote fiverr gig

These are the options that you have popular categories to choose from using audio grabbers as I am writing templates business. Advertising mark said this is what I use right here got me it just brought me a lot of traffic a lot of traffic were using appetizer both me my radio station grow and my power network business grow and my pockets I like I said I prefer the older website. Or the older dashed for the user Just different. you can go to the website Dashboard.So. That’s how you sign up you go and sign up and account now. To look for your gigs. Add description, tags  and budget you want to charge and you can also set package for user.package will create more buyer attention and in this way your earning will boost.

6). Become Home or Online Tutor

Many of the people are worried today how to earn extra money? Which suitable source of earning will adopt. So a big idea for educated people is that they can start tuition. Yes tuition can make extra money for them. You can teach other as a part time. Even you can earn $500 and more by doing only 3 to 4 hours daily. Teaching is considered Respected and honorable field.

You can teach Math physics analytical, Biology, O level,A level, BS or MS subjects or any other language about computer if you are expert in PHP,Asp.net, Java, Oracle, Data Mining, C#, Data Warehouse,etc.

Or if you are blogger you can teach others about blogging, Keyword research, Onpage, offpage, SEO main secret tips etc.

So there are many sources in teaching but main thing you should have ability to convene others what you say and how it effective for them.

7). Become Freelancer start Freelancing :

 “A fast method how to become billionaire in a night :)”

Now a days a more growing idea is to start a freelancing. You can earn extra  at home without any difficulty. Freelancing is that opportunity where you can earn too much amount. And no need to work for others you can start your business.

If you known about Graphics designing, Content writing gaming, C#,JAVA,ASP.NET, MYSQL,SQL, Java script, jquery, html, bootstrap. How to convert psd to html or how to make any app or school project or software of any organization or how to build website. How to rank website how to use proper Photoshop? So, freelancing is a big opportunity for them.

You can start work on Upwork,Fiver, Elance etc and earn extra money from there and can earn billions a day.

8). Try to Change your Job for Good Luck:

if you are working in a same job form many years and you feel after a long time this place is not for me so dont think about it just change your job.i have many examples how people change their jobs and at this time they are considered as a successful person.

some i introduced to you for motivation. NetSol is software house and No#1 software house in Pakistan and owner of the netsol was doing a job in Bank about 20 years ago. so what he did how he change their life, he left banking a make a software house of 1 small building you can also say that a single room. but now a days he is considered successful person and earn billion dollars weekly. he has almost 1900 employees and clients of this software house are form China US etc.so this is big achievement. if he cant start his own business and only worked in a Bank. now he was earn only few dollars and this will difficult for him to survive in future,

9). Become Investor : offline extra earning method

if you want to earn some extra so you can become investor. what is meant by investor? investor mean you have to invest some money in any business. you can invest money in shop, in plaza, in Forex Treading,

10). Start Real Estate Business :

“such a Good Offline extra earning method to become billionaire”

ThisD’angelo freedom Friday with Matt to Ariel. According to the author can visions book there are 10 rows of how to become a millionaire or specifically for the title of the book the art and rose to riches. After we had love and learning how to love the actually did I let with measured feeling of what I’m doing with my list and I think it’s the right thing. She not only was invested in us a one of those roles to riches it was clearly the easiest route meaning marketing goddess way so if you come in here that’s your goal parasitic investing in that it provides the best odds. So you.

But I think that on this is entitled to be a little nervous investor there are forces that want to arrest the diverse ages to the thinking of the entire list and asked. Now many thinking about money rather that it lands you 8 times truth or when he’s on heredity I don’t know what it is it is in my car at your own risk your thoughts there anything in your journey to becoming a millionaire. You see The competition in Canada dieters say too will say to those that have those that use money and you have those that wish to money uses that.4 things you should take in mind that are

  • think a million
  • Acquiring a Million
  • own a million
  • receive a million

Military matters they think of the money as a resource or tool to look. They’re goal that’s all it is. A means to get there they use money at it group well any alternatives to deter any money that that causes rationalize which ultimately for services money uses them. You must have the thoughts of the millionaire investor if you ever expect to become. So what do you think I know a little better it’s now time for the second stage of acquiring $1000000 of real estate you know. Cut to the popular belief this is not a giant hurdle and many believe it to be as most realistic and as we mark far before we ever expected it would. And contrary to conventional thinking. Acquiring the million, Many others will say is more about learning the right straegy for you that it is about having enough money to buy us a again it’s just a shift in thinking. Now real quiet and I was real estate you gonna begin to create $1000000 a equity inside and this is the third stage own a million an 8:00 hours realistic. Only, Yeah exactly it’s hard if it is beyond title to real estate.

See it’s during the city that most realize they had a real estate business. This is a sandwich you’ll discover actually how to become 1000000 is really doing an early to managing leveraging ,Selling and exchanging, managing,about it equity has been created.

I say the final stage Receiving a Million a year from your real estate assets this is the peak and this is the top this is the place where where them are those that focused on the prize an indoor those last 3 stages though those that in toward the course this is where they and this is how to become a true millionaire financially free millionaire. The type of million of  that can remove themselves from the day to day work of their business and enjoy what they created.

Not depending on from where you’re starting this journey it does sound a little daunting but it shouldn’t penny has why you see learning how to become a millionaire to real estate it’s just like learning anything else. And what I mean by that is you know think then there was a time when you didn’t know” how to tie your shoe right or when you don’t know how to ride a bike and when you didn’t know how to drive a car. And the jump out on a limb here and don’t assume that you do now and you do know how to do all of those things now”. Right. You can do mall without even give them a second thought. They become  Second nature for you. How to become a millionaire investor. It’s just like that same thing once you learn how and you do it enough times it’ll become second nature just like tying your shoes for you right now. And you know someone was patient and gracious enough to to teach me. Now I paid for by teaching others. so must think about 4 things, think a million, acquiring a million, on a million, receive a million.

11). click bank

click bank is a big website as like Amazon.com. it is also a source of selling  other products.it was build in 1998 and now is considered in top of websites.it is also a example of affiliate marketing. people also used it to buy products and selling products and in rewards get commission. so you must try it if you not use it first. such types of jobs are easy and simply to handle.

12). Rent your Home:

a simple and easiest way to earn extra money from Home is to just start rent your home or Room or apartment. rent a home is now a days a considered a big Business in Specially in Big Countries as USA, CANADA, Pakistan. even every country big Cities main business to rent your property and earn easily without doing effort. by doing this you can earn too much as you expected but condition is that you should have atleast your hone or property.

other condition is that if you not have your own property then you can also earn by doing rent homes of others by this way you will get commission of it. you can also do this job online by telephone or your servant.

 13). write original reviews:

you can also earn extra money by doing reviews on others products or services.yes, i am taking about Comment. we waste almost to much time on facebook by doing chat with friends at the end of the day we cant have even $1

so, there are many online websites which give earning by just doing a review on their products.yes,  this is good business.and also time consuming. softwarejudge.com is the website that give one dollar on one review. and you know that is the worth of 1 dollar in your life and i think i don’t need to explain 1$. so give more reviews get more money. people promoter their products and services and expect from others to review on their service. and many online platforms are available which pay to much money to the clients. same like softwarejudge.com. SiteJabbar is also work on this aspect. so must try to write original reviews and reward money.

14). Sell Your Old Things:

many of the people have old things in their homes but considered them unnecessary. one thing nothing is unimportant every thing is important in this world. So, don’t take old things ordinary. may of the sites have which sale old things. one major example is OLX.COM . you can sale any type of old thing on this website and many of the buyers are ready to buy your products. you can sale “bicycle, Car House, Laptop, Computer, Mobile Bed, Sofa, Shop, Stationary, Fridge, Almari”, anything you want to sale on it.

So, don’t waste your time to think how to earn ? how to earn extra money to survive .just open  website and capture some pix of the product you want to sale on it and just post to for buyers. and this is  quick way to sale any product easily. there are other many online sites that provide such type of facility. so internet world is very fast and easy to survive.

15). Affiliate Marketing :

 “Pure Method to make extra money online or offline a chance to become billionaire”

affiliate marketing is a business of top business mans and bloggers. and they earn to much money by doing this.it is just like a work of third party member. do a third party member and earn money as you want. first i will tell you what is affiliate marketing before going to inform you how to earn money form it. affiliate marketing is a type of marketing where you sale other people products and get commission on reward. you sale your interesting thing in which you have interest and get commission .many of the sites offer to sale products. this products not only belong to old things but some companies also prefer new things Olx.com Draz.pk, Click Bank,  Amazon.com oriflameservies.com there are many other sites but i cant mention all it now whatever i told you what they work and how you can get benefit form them. so sale your or others products and get commission, yes commission means money a extra money you are looking for.

16). How to earn extra money form Reddit : Make Money nline Fast

  • what is reddit?
  • why we should use reddit
  • what is link karma?
  • what is comment karma and how to increase reddit comment karma?
  • worth of reddi
  • why i used to call reddit an instant generation calling machine?
  • should we use reddit for traffic generation and earning money?

what is reddit: well, reddit is instant traffic generation machine. i will tell you later why i called it   instant traffic generation machine?reddit is like a social network like Facebook Twitter Google+ but it is totally different from social network. reddit is the place where people can find latest information, news and updates. sometime fun can be the reason of their presence.

why we should use reddit?:well I mentioned before people come on reddit to  find  ome information, latest nes updates!so, reddit is ab active platform where always come new users ti find their interest new content

i will recommend you to use it as fun in beginning.then work on to increase link karma and comment karma. i will describe later what is link karma and what comment karma.

what is  link karma:comment karma when you post review orÂor comment on reply on a Âpost if someone like it and upvote your review or comment.it will increase your comment karma form 0 to 1.its called comment karma.

worth of reddit: reddit users making 100 dollars per day.they making money by just use of reddit.

why i called it instant traffic generation machine: it is ITGM because people come here to find latest information.its mean every single second reddit is getting tons of traffic and managing visitors. you can share link on reddit. but you have to do it quickly as possible.write a post on your blog and share link on reddit and get tons of unique traffic.

should we use reddit for traffic generation and earning money? yes of course you should do this. develop any kind of skill by doing this just upload latest information on your blog and paste link on reddit and earn money.for more read how to earn form Reddit

17). How to earn extra money by Way to become a part of Uber:

Firstly get info about what is Uber?? Uber is an American Transport company started in 2009 spreading its network overall the world. Well managed Uber system, navigate through Google map pick you from door-step. Recently they launched their service in Pakistan especially in two mega cities like Islamabad and Lahore. They getting more popularity in these cities and now they will hit Multan, Faisalabad and other large cities of Pakistan. After launching other multi-national companies such as Careem, Albyuraq and other etc competition gradually increased. You would be well familiar with taxi service, yellow cap but this service is also like a taxi but not yellow cap, you will feel just like own car inside it. A new innovation service to facilitate the traveler.

How to get Registered and Earn:

The procedure is very simple, u can registered yourself online by opening account with Uber. There will be few requirement which you have to provide such as your name, city, email and personal cell number. You can get form at http://uber.rozee.pk/ and at https://www.uber.com/a/join/?_ga=1.195985772.1308055333.1457187209&exp=a-t4 .

After providing information the Uber representative will contact you via your given phone number or by mailing you to ratify the account and can ask you for further information such as CNIC, driving license to complete procedure. After completion of this process the drivers attend session on Code of Conduct.

Driver Responsibilities:

As a driver all you need is to open the Uber app and just accept the incoming tour appeal. Drive to pick the customer from its location showing google map on Uber app. One important thing is that you will remain 24/7 hours up-to-date because client can request any time.

How to get Payment and Rating:

all responsibility of Uber service to attain the fare from the customer Your payment will be automatically deposited to your account on weekly basis. In return Uber will deduct a small charges on each tour for its services. You can check your balance after every trip.

The money you will gets depend upon the tour and driver rating. Just you have own car and driving license that it and continue your job with Uber. Uber have no office, boss to whom you will give answer, you are boss yourself. One more interesting thing is that there is no fix time you can schedule your own routine time. All depends upon your user rating.

For investors and job seekers this is very big opportunity to become a part of Uber and ear up-to 1 Lac plus. So leave worrying and a splendid opportunity waiting for you.

18). How to adjoin Careem a passenger car service:

Careem a journey agency inaugurated recently working in more than 24 cities now launch in Pakistani Cities such as Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Headquarter in Saudi Arabia spreading network worldwide. Careem work just like Uber passenger cab available at any time at any place. Well organized service will pick you from door and nothing you have to do to avail this ride. Different car of different companies available for service you would select one according to your suitability and feasibility. Depends on your family size and your financial affordability. Basic need is open your Careem app on your GPS and type your destination thatit, Careem management will track you by GPS and let start trip.

Registered yourself with Careem:

Registration process is quite easy and joy able. Careen app is available on app store just need to download it and let go ahead. Open the app click on registration you will enter your name, cell number, email address and lastly city from where you wanna start your service. Go here https://www.careem.com/karachi

In the wake of giving data the Careem representative will come in touch with you by means of your given telephone number or via mailing you to approve the record and can approach you for additional data, for example, CNIC, driving permit to finish system. After consummation of this procedure the drivers go to session on Code of Conduct which will be arrange by Careem management at chosen place.

Authority of Drivers:

Driver all you need is to open the Careem application and simply acknowledge the approaching visit advance. Drive to pick the client from its area demonstrating google map on Uber application. One critical thing is that you will remain every minute of every day hours up and coming since customer can ask for at whatever time.

It’s all duty of Uber administration to achieve the passage from the customer’s. Your installment will be consequently stored to your record on week by week premise. Consequently Uber will deduct a little charges on every visit for its administrations. You can check your parity after each excursion.

Payment Method:

The cash you will gets rely on the visit and driver rating. Just you have own auto and driving permit that is it and proceed with your employment with Careem. Careem have no office, boss to whom you will give answer, you are supervisor yourself. One additionally intriguing thing is that there is no fix time you can plan your own standard time. All relies on your client rating. For financial specialists and employment seekers this is huge chance to wind up a piece of Careem and ear up-to 1 Lac in addition to. So leave stressing and a wonderful open door sitting tight for you.

19). Advertise companies on your vehicle car or rickshaw:

if you have your own convince then a good and easiest way to earn some extra cash is to advertise companies on your vehicle car or a rickshaw. different companies, school college software house or a Shops want to advertise their products and they contact to vehicles because this is simple way to convey your message to the others and they pay for it. so if you want to earn some money then search it out who want to advertise and sign contract with the and charged for it 🙂

20). Rent your bicycle per Hour:

many poor countries and cities not have enough money. and for investor and business man its a good sign. because this type of citizen don’t have cash to buy even a bicycle so make a Shop and offer bicycle on rent per hour. one interesting thing i have already lived such life when i was almost  to 8 years old and i searched a shop to buy a bicycle for rent per hour and i pay 2 Rupees per hour 🙂 .but now i have a Bike and Insha Allah in upcoming days i am going to buy a Car 🙂

21). Sell your Ideas:

many of the people have ability to think something new and they want to achieve it want they don’t have resources to achieve it. on the other hand many companies have to do something new and they search it out to get new idea. so sell your ideas and in reward get too much money you will never expect for it :). so if you have some new in your mind then search the companies according to your ideas.

Example: i have too many ideas of gaming but my programming skills not to good to build such games so i decided to sell my ideas to good companies to get extra money 🙂

22). Earn extra Money from G+:

people use Google + for fun and many of the people dont think is this source of earning or just a fun. people share many things on g+ as his/her pix, videos share funny images or some informative news. but they don;t think is this  pession can be a way of earning or not. so i tell you yes off-course its way of earning.

many people many pages groups on g+ and get likes by sharing some info on it or fun pix or videos. and they have thousands of likes on their groups on the other hand many of the companies ready to share their info on it by paying to group owner.and get traffic and earn dollars.

23). what is Tumblr and how it use to get some extra money?

many social media now a days a big source of earning as like g+ and facebook twitter etc. now i will share with you a earning money of tumblr. tumblr is social network and many off the people use it same as fb or g+ or reddit. but mostly it is a big source of earning for bloggers. they make sites and share it on tumblr divert their traffic on their blogs and get clicked on their Adsence and became billionaires. what they actually do? they make PBN of many sites and link to main site and pass juice on main blog and get extra money from adsence.

24).How to earn extra money from AdF.ly

now i am going to share with you a trick of how to get more extra fast money from AdF.ly. Advise basically website way you create your links share them and when people click them you get paid for it. On Just some quick information on ways you can seriously not earn money.

Throughout flight is easing thoughts no matter how many bought videos or article you read or see. Don’t believe them no matter how many comments say that they do work, they do not actually work. And if you do try them you will get banned and you will not be up and any money with you clicks anymore on Adf.ly.

it is basically shrink your link and made short link and its good way to attract people to click on it.because many people don’t click om original link and they crazy to see shrink link what is in this link.

Are also I know I’m not dust successful yet on at 5 but from when I actually started And to the date now has been like about. I’m guessing for a week and I’ve got 20 cents. So I’m guessing that’s pretty good for stop and I’m still going to use a method so be showing you today and hopefully  Increase that in the next week and in one week’s time so. better results i will discussed in next article and will Showing you how much I have improved using these techniques.

Step to Make account on AdF.ly:  step one would be signing up.Now there is a link in the Adf.ly and it is my referral link I really would appreciate if you did sign up under me if you did I could offer some. Help in some free clicks. If you did but the. It’s entirely up to you and click the button sign up and then come back.

step 2 is all about starting to share your links now if you don’t have a website that you can already shed all stuck sharing things on go to 4jags.com causes my website that I use and it’s free everything’s free. And all I do is basically just make one in every time I have a link.share link and Âget traffic and get clicks and earn 🙂

25). what is CPA how to get extra money to become billionaire:

CPA is a a kind of marketing. CPA means (Cost per acquisition). this is big and hidden trick that i am going to tell you guyz so be attentive. i will share it you with example. actually SEO Marketplace(SEO experts) do such type of activities. make a blog like Movies. and target US movies and mostly Animated movies .because people of united state prefer their children to watch such types of movies. and get traffic on your blog. place CPA of selling tickets on ot it. by selling 1 ticket you will get almost 16$ :o. yes its true. so more you will get traffic more buyers will get tickets more money you will get. its a experimental example that’s way i shared with you. and you can earn almost 4 billion in a night but it need some effort and pain to work hard. i recommend you try it.

26).Role as a Third Party:

a quick and advance way to earn extra money is to become a third party member. this way is very quick and easy. i want to introduce you how you can earn extra money by become a third party. if anyone want to sale his product and he is not able to sale it you can help him to sale his product and by reward you will get commission. you can sale others any product as i explained above in sale your old things. so read it and believe me this is very easy way and time consuming way to earn money. Fiverr, Elance, Facebook such sites you can also play a role as a third party to take product requirements of one and build product from another and send to the demanded person.read about FaceBook New Features 2016

27). Sell Domain+Hosting:

one of the earning method is to sell hosting and domains. many of the hosting providers provide cheap hosting and domains. they offer package monthly basis as well as yearly. a big idea to get earn from it to sell hosting and domains monthly basis. for example you have a server and paid 20 k per year and you can sell many domain and hosting for this server and can get money monthly. so start this business.

28). Exchange currency and get commission:

one easy method to get money online is to exchange others currency? what i mean to change currency? many bloggers or even internet users want to buy things and they don’t have paypal or payoneer or any other debit card. mostly its happening in Pakistan. because paypal is not allowed in Pakistan. so they change Pakistani rupees with dollars and or dollars in bitcoin or any other country currency. so big idea to get extra money to exchange currency.

29).How to earn Extra Money from Studio Shooting weddings or parties?

if you looking for a part time job and that job that will not tire you then you should start weddings shooting or parties shooting. just its not taking to much time also pay you feel some relax by doing this activity. because it is just like a entertainment. now a days shooting is became a trend not only on weddings even on small parties or friends getup. you can earn too much from this job and one positive thing is that it takes not too much time. just 3,4 hours a day. a more you work more you earn, you can also open your studio. and set your business in advance. you can say its just like Fun +Money.

this can be a kind of customer loyalty programs

30).How to become motivational Speaker to Earn Some Extra Cash:

Speakers are those people who could delivered presentation, speeches, debates and other such kind of stuff on any topic, situation to boost the interior child or soul of listener. A successful speaker have some unique abilities such as judge the audience thinking level, to make topic interesting by exceptional real examples, add a thrilling quotation, your gesture, smooth body language and important one is your vocabulary. Everyone have some God gifted abilities that express your passion, dream and your vision. In case you set your goal and objective, your self-motivation play a vital role in achieving targets.

Excellent communication skills, your confident, sort of delivery are the soul of every successful speaker. I read about some speakers whose creative thinking and interpersonal communication skills take him from nothing to precious. Hope to become successful can make you a real hero for other life. So now we will talk about how to get earing after become a speaker.

Your words are your power always speak what you see can make you worthy. Some inspirational public speaker such as Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Wayne Dyer, Eric Thomas, John Maxwell and a lot other earned millions dollar on session or talk of few hours. CEOs of multinational companies delivered lecture on entrepreneurship, boost your talent skills and earned. Everyone on the earth want to do some extra ordinary think, unique work, innovative and inspirited work and become a legend for other. Speakerplay vital role in other life by encourage their interior child through attractive and beautiful words.  Delivered your message shortly and smoothly make you a perfect speaker.

Express your-self in such a way that other could understand what you are saying and what your moto is. Convey in a simple and attractable way so people engaged themselves and fully intentions toward you, not in way that that feel comfortable or miserable. Good speaker always keep information the nature of audience understanding and show himself according to them. Engage more people through developing interest with situation and where they stand. A perfect balance can win the heart of audience. Physically involve audience in such activities they change their negative vision, confusion.

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Note that: these are simple methods to become billionaire so, question about how to earn extra money online or offline is cleared i explained every method in 3o methods. and its time to do or die. make money and prove your self to others you can do it.

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