best seomarket place for seo expert

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A Best SEO market place for seo expert-SEO MarketPlace For Professionals

Are you looking for a Job or worried about Job. you have SEO skills but worried where to serve your Professional work. So. no need to be a worry. we have a Big platform for you Let me introduce you best SEOmarket place for SEO expert.and this place also for those who have not professional expertise but want to learn. so first I will learn you what is SEO then we will move towards the SEOMarket place.

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best seomarket place for seo expert
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Best SEO Place To start Career

SEO MarketPlace
What is SEO?
Search engine optimization is a term used to describe a set of techniques that make a website optimize for different search engines. SEO is very important because it does not get an only number of visitors but it is also a way of increasing credibility of a website.
SEO has two major categories, the first one is on the page and the second one is off page SEO. Here is some detail of these two terms.

OnPage SEO:
On page, SEO refers to the setting that you apply on the website to optimize it for search engines.
There are a number of tips written below that are used for on-page SEO.

  • Optimize titles
  • Optimize descriptions
  • Optimize internal links
  • Text formatting e.g. use of h1, h2 & bold.
  • Image optimization e.g. image name, the proper size of an image, use of ALT tag.
  • User-friendly 404 pages
  •  Proper URL structures
  • Fast loading pages
  •  Google authorship & verification for all pages.
  • External links (no broken links or links to bad sites).

OffPage SEO:
Unlike on page SEO, off page SEO refers to the activities used outside the boundaries of a webpage.
The most important activities used for off page SEO are:
1) Link building
2) Social Bookmarking
3) Social media

The importance of off-page SEO:
A successful off-page SEO strategy gives the number off benefits to the website owners.

  • Increase in website ranking(high rank in SERPs, more traffic)
  • Increase in page rank(number between 0 to 10)
  • More exposure(high rank also means high exposure means that When a website ranks in top positions it gets more links, more visitors, more social media comments).

1) Link Building:
Link building is the most important method of off-Page SEO. Basically, by building external links to your website, you are trying together as many ‘votes’ as you can so that you can bypass your competitors and rank higher. For example, if someone likes your article and references it from his/her website or blog, then this is like telling search engines that this page has good information.

2) Social Media:
Social media is also an important method of off page SEO. And it is also a form of link building. Almost all of the links you get from social media sites are ‘‘no follow’’ (this is a special tag that you can add to a link) but this does not mean that they do not have any value.

3) Social Bookmarking:
Social bookmarking is not so important because it is used in the past but it is still a good way to get traffic to your website to make its rank high. Depending on your niche you can find web sites like,,, and (to name a few) to promote your content.

Off page, SEO is as important as on page SEO. So if you want to get effective traffic and want that your website did get high rank you have to work on both off page and on page SEO. It is very easy to get links but getting valuable links is not so easy its very hard to get links from high ranked websites.

SEO Marketing:
Now let’s talk about SEO Marketing.SEO marketing is basically selling your SEO expertise and earning money. It is for expert SEOs. Number of Webmasters working on their websites and with it, they also want to serve those that want to become expert webmasters. For this, many webmasters looking for the best online market place where they could expend their expertise and improve their knowledge and skills through this way.
There are a number of market places also available on the internet where Web masters can work in the best possible manner. But here I will explain one of the best market places that are now available on may also like to read about How to Crack IDM Manually in Just 2 Minutes? is a new market place especially for SEO experts, SEO agency, SEO and provides the best way of selling SEO expertise and skills on the internet. It is just like five with more facilities where you can start making money just by selling your SEO skills like link building, content writing, SEO reports, website audits.
The best part which makes it better from Fiverr is that a seller can add his own amount for his job. He is not is not stuck with 5$ but can add 8€ or €20 for an SEO job.
If we talk about its fee and charges then we come to know that it depends upon the seller level. If the seller level is very high then fewer charges will be applied and as the level of the seller will be low, definitely the charges or fee will be greater.
If we see it in the mathematical term then we can say that fee is inversely proportional to the seller level. E.g.
Fee or Charges α 1/Seller level
Most important part is that the charges will not apply to the buyers or sellers until the actual transaction is not performed.

How to earn a large amount of money from

It is not very difficult to make large amount of money from Marketplace depend upon your skills and expertise. You need not know all about SEO, but if you just have any one SEO skill you can earn.

There are many types of work related SEO here!

  •  Website Audits
  • Content Writing
  •  SEO
  • Audio & Video
  •  Programming
  •  Links Building
  • Traffic Generating
  • Social Networking
  •  Analytics and Campaign
  • Gaming
  •  Data Mining
  • Much more

Why I am in favor of
It is a new market palace and spreading very fast. It is totally free. If you make account here now it means you are senior member and definitely you will get more orders.
SEO Market Levels & fee/Commission per level:

  • Rocky(initial or Starting Level)
  • Skilled(if you complete the orders of worth $50 then you are promoted to this level)
  •  Professional (After two months of diligent work, and $200 worth of sales, you will promote as Professional Level.)
  • Expert(Highest level)

    Note: Dear valuable readers, I hope you will like this best seomarket place for seo expert. If you like it, then why are you waiting for, join the market place now and post your jobs and skills, get orders, make money and build your career online.and share this useful information with others.Also if you feel any confusion then contact with us.

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