5+ Best SUVs on sale in the UK 2020- Price and Specs

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“The UK automotive market is the hottest one for SUV sales and offers something for everyone”

Best Suv 2020 UK: The trends of buying cars have been changing so rapidly, the saloons once were considered as a top seller in the UK. This was the time when models like Audi A4, BMW 3Serises and Mercedes C-Class and E-Class made their position in the market and then we saw this trend moving over to the smaller cars. The UK market again flourished for the smaller vehicles and models like Ford Fiesta, Focus, BMW MINI, Vauxhall Astra, VW Golf and Audi A1 type vehicles make their prominence in the market and everyone was looking to buy mini cars like hatchbacks.

Now the buyer’s behavior has been changed yet another time and they are looking to buy 4x4s and SUVs. The automakers have responded to the market very efficiently by introducing a range of models with a load of features to appeal. There are so many exclusively efficient and the best SUVs available in the UK market. Riding an SUV is a just an awesome feeling when you originate everything that you are looking for while sitting at the relatively higher position.

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All this awesome feeling converts into a joy and excellent driving experience when an SUV specifies all the features you need and many more in extra to assist you while behind the wheel. We have tried to gather and enlist 5 the best SUVs and 4x4s offered in the UK. Every detail from performance in particular and efficiency, in general, was considered before selecting any vehicle for the list.

There are a number of reasons that pushed a driver to buy an SUV rather than a saloon or a hatchback in the UK nowadays. One of the strongest reason is the seating capacity and the size of the vehicle. People love to buy vehicles which are suitable for families and offer more benefits at the same time. SUVs have excellent fuel economy figures and multitasking features. A family can go on the picnic when they have an SUV, they can enjoy an off-roading experience at the same time if their SUV is a 4×4 capable vehicle. Secondly, the strongest riding utility with an excellent cabin and extreme level of comfort in all seasons is another reason for buying the SUVs. Thirdly, the SUVs are being designed and manufactured to a specific purpose these days, the manufacturers have their focus on the occupant safety with the help of refined and improved dynamics and modern technologies and they are actually introducing the SUVs as an adorable replacement to the conventional cars where you do not need to pay more for luxury and sportiness.

No matter what kind of SUV you have, because almost every model has all the features to facilitate the drivers from terrain to terrain, even it is muddy track, or you have snow on the road or even riding the deadly A9 in Scotland, the SUVs have a range of equipment to give you an excellent ride all the way. Even if you had an SUV for a brand status Quo, e.g. a Landrover Discovery, Range Rover Sports, Audi X series, or even Bentley or Porsche, every SUV loves to give you comfort. Because an SUV clearly means a vehicle to ride while getting the luxurious feel in all the seven seats, and it is designed for some powerful riding.

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The most dominating segment in the UK automotive market is SUVs

In this particular segment of the automotive, the demand for better automobiles is increasing and the SUV sector is booming with this demand. As it is all happening in the world’s one of the largest automotive markets, the manufacturers unleashing new and more competitive models to dilute the competition in the market. But it is not that easy, in the hatchback market, there are more than 15 competitors standing against each other when you decide to buy a hatchback and it is not a competition that every seller is offering the vehicle with different features. Not at all, all the fifteen vehicles have exactly the same features with slight tweaks and different brands only. This is called some hardcore competition in any segment. If SUVs came across with this kind of competition, things will even get harder for the manufacturers.

4×4 models boost their ability when the climate turns from hot to icy and muddy in the countryside, then you cannot go with the 2WD, as the entire package is a bit heavier to handle with two-wheel drive. You can only ride on a motorway or can have some light riding with 2WD. At the other end of the spectrum, the existing variety of vigorous efficiency implies to bring some smile on your face when riding on twisty roads.

The brand you are have selected and riding is the main factor with many new SUVs and 4x4s, and a lot of items are readily available with a variety of personalization picks to make the vehicle stand out. And on the greater end of the SUV spectrum, essentially the most highly-priced SUVs have the luxurious features and refinement to check the pleasant limousines for elevated alleviation. But which ones are the first-class models on sale at present? You need to go through our well calculated and excellently weighted list of the best SUVs on sale in the UK.

How to by an SUV?

This one if the most crucial questions to understand the market and learn how to buy an SUV in the UK. The only answer is to determine your need that what kind of SUV suits you better and what are your needs? Just like the saloons, SUVs also have different types and every type is not suitable for everyone. Similarly, their price labels increase or decrease according to their type. You can find anything from a budgeted vehicle to a luxury ride, from an average standard SUV to an Off-road specialist vehicle boating a limousine-like riding experience. You can also buy an SUV while living in the small car engine segment where Nissan Juke is an excellent example of a Hatchback SUV. Similarly, if you go to the top of the spectrum, you can have a Volvo XC90 or XC60. But at the same time when money is no problem for you and you just want everything in an SUV, the JLR vehicles are the best choice, simply buy one from the family of Land Rover.

Range Rover is one of the pioneers of these 4×4 SUVs, and their Range Rover models are world famous and admired by the off-roaders. Land Rover has crafted a kind of tough machines which remained the part of wars in the past which shows some serious off-roading in emergency situations. Something like a Land Rover Discovery is the best option if you have a lot of off-roading.

Are you after a budgeted SUV?

Don’t worry, there are a number of SUVs available in the market which come under the average pricing category or even cheaper. Dacia Duster is among the cheapest SUVs offered on sale in the UK and surprisingly, the Duster is a 4×4 model specially designed for the budget buyers, so, there is a solution available for individuals those who cannot afford a Land Rover or Volvo.

Apart from specially designed models, the majority of SUVs consist of seven to eight seats and they are tremendous 4×4 perhaps when it comes to a family. Let’s start with the fifth best in the UK market and lead to the top seller. you can check best SUVs on sale in UK 2020 with latest Specs and Features.

5 Best Suv’s On Sale in UK


1). Land Rover Discovery

Price from; 33.9k

Engine; 2.0-litre and 3.0-litre diesel

Power; 240hp-340hp

Fuel economy; 36.5mpg on average

best suv price in UK 2018
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Land Rover Discovery best suv price in UK 2020

Land Rover Discovery specs and features in Detail The Discovery is one of the most modern Land Rover models and it is known as the best family SUV in the UK. It offers a versatile experience of 4×4 and off-roading while being a family cruiser at the same time.

Apart from the off-roading and 4×4 experience, the Land Rover Discovery has made its status as one of the most notable family SUVs you would purchase. It can be even higher in its today’s trims with state-of-the-art Ingenium engines and 9-speed automatic gearboxes. With a smoother and simple riding experience and so much upmarket enchantment, it is leading its competitors in the market. The Discovery promises the form of upmarket motoring that you just would get from an executive saloon, combined with the seven-seat pragmatism of an MPV and the off-road capacity of the most committed 4×4.

The discovery has an excellent interior and upright cabin for occupants, sufficiently wider for adults in the last row of seats and had some excellent headroom. High-quality fit and finish of the cabin give it a contemporary enchantment. There may be a lot of new tech and elements on board. Land Rover has offered everything from ultra-modern infotainment system to advanced electronics that help the driver to keep the discovery straight and balanced on all kind of terrains.

Aluminum structure implies that the discovery is tremendous, it is not as heavy as you potentially can count on, so overall it cuts the running costs, mainly with 2.0 litre Ingenium diesel engine which is an effective engine. The Land Rover Discovery remained the new car of the year last year.


2). VOLVO XC60

Price from; 28.5k

Engine; 2.0 litre petrol and diesel

Power; 190hp-408hp

Fuel economy; 32.5mpg on average

2018 volvo x60 price in uk
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2020 volvo x60 price in uk

Volvo XC60 Specs and Features in Detail: The second generation of the Volvo XC60 is an exceptionally excellent vehicle and it is a gift for the lovers of Swedish automaker. Volvo’s SUV manufacturing history is not that long as of the makes like Land Rover has, but Volvo has proved itself with the performance and most modern tweaks in their vehicles. The XC60 has used a range of excellent upright materials and gives a charming look overall with a plenty of gadgets and safety features to make it the safest SUV on the road.

The second generation of the XC60 is powered by 4 cylinder Volvo XC60 engines and make it prominent in the crowd of the competitors like Audi, Mercedes, and BMW. It beats everyone on the list. Volvo offers a lot of customized options to be added if someone wishes to add some more safety in the vehicle, however, the current model has an excellent safety system and it excels as the safest SUV in the UK while fun to drive at the same time.

3). Skoda KODIAQ

Price from; 22.3k

Engine; 1.4 litres and 2.0 litre petrol – 2.0 litre diesel

Power; 150hp-190hp

Fuel economy; 41.2mpg on average

Skoda KODIAQ SUVs for sale in UK
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Skoda KODIAQ SUVs for sale in UK

Skoda KODIAQ specs and features in detail: This is the only VW group model came in the list of top five SUVs in the UK and it is a seven-seater SUV manufactured by Skoda. Skoda is committed to improving its standards and it can be noticed by seeing that it is beating all its siblings from Audi and VW and made its position in the top five the best sellers.

Skoda’s motto of practicality touches every part and it proves to be exactly true here in the case of KODIAQ SUV. It is stylish, practical, beautiful and even more powerful at the same time. This model has made the market standing of Skoda even stronger. The Kodiaq offers luxury, practicality, and excellence at the budgeted price.

The most modern platform and excellent chassis of the Skoda Kodiaq offer a lightweight body and excellent riding experience. However, the efficiency from an excellent range of engine is just awesome, where you can have a turbocharged diesel or petrol engine according to your needs. The interior of the Kodiaq is just second to none in the class and looks upright taking inspiration from the luxurious models in the class. Even you are sitting in the last seat of the vehicle, you would feel the difference and enjoy the excellent comfortable riding experience.

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4). Jaguar F-Pace

Price from; 35.3k

Engine; 2.0 litre petrol – 2.0 litre and 3.0 litre diesel

Power; 180hp-387hp

Fuel economy; 33.2 mpg on average

new model Jaguar F Pace price in uk 2018 - specs and features
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2020 New model Jaguar F Pace price in uK – specs and features

Jaguar F-Pace Detail specs and features: Jaguar is the main automaker of the JLR group and they are famous for their luxury vehicles in the UK. Their main customers are the Royal family and celebrities in the UK. The Jaguar F-Pace remained 2016 vehicle of the year. It combines the style and practicality in an SUV and leads the market with its performance. It also

The Jaguar F-pace combines style with super loved practicality. And only for excellent chassis it offers utmost control on the road, an array of safety tech and frugal engine options make the F-Pace even excellent to drive. Actually, the Jaguar F-Pace is the right type of all-rounder, that we awarded it the highest priced car of the year in 2016. The jaguar F-Pace is virtually an excellent vehicle and is relatively a good priced for such a great package. The F-Pace is such an appealing SUV by luxury automaker.

The massive Jaguar has the whole presence and attractiveness of high-class SUV opponents identical to the Porsche Macan, however at the very low cost. And must you go for the standard 2.0-litre Ingenium diesel Engine, your running costs will be not more than a smaller saloon. The smaller engine is available in both front and 4×4 configuration and a six-speed manual or eight-speed automatic transmissions, so appeals to a variety of budgets and using patterns. Special engine selections incorporate 3.0 litre petrol and diesel V6 engines that offer power and efficiency, even as the standard is creaking with sweets like 18-inch alloy wheels, Jaguar’s in control touchscreen sat-nav and multi-adjustable high priced leather seats. You are in the SUV marketplace where the Jaguar F-Pace price matters, pick an SUV in the United Kingdom market.

5). VOLVO XC90

Price from; 44.5k

Engine; 2.0 litre petrol and diesel

Power; 190hp-400hp

Fuel economy; 32.1mpg

new model volvo xc90 2018 price in uk - specs and features
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New Model volvo xc90 2020 price in uk – Specs and Features

Volvo XC90 Detail specs and features: The XC90 SUV is one of the most admired vehicles and it is an exceptionally appealing vehicle in the market. It is one of the top sellers in the UK market and its upmarket inside and perfect defense. The interior of the Volvo XC90 is simply excellent. Debuting with a methodically new platform and amazing four-cylinder engines, one with plug-in hybrid technology, it has an extended variety of trims that are simply pleasing to appraise Audi, BMW and Land Rover in the top category SUV, with new levels of safety as you can expect from the Volvo.

The D5 diesel is noticeably the most admired engine and it is one of the top sellers in the Volvo engines, being quiet and effectively adequate, it cranks massive power. The T6 petrol offers a special poke, but similar to the plug-in hybrid-powered T8 which can be the best model, the moan of a four-cylinder engine or six or eight cylinders are additionally loved by the purchasers. If you don’t love to have a diesel engine to your SUV, the petrol engine is a powerful unit, however, sounds shrilly and thirstier. However, the key to the XC90s appeal is its spacious, high-class inside plus the improvement and refinement, this is an excellent SUV to ride if you are looking to go for a long ride as it is cozy and high-priced. Being a Volvo, the seats are highly comfortable with a wonderful adjustment. It is a particular SUV for adults with seven seats.


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