Car Care Tips – How To Wash Your Car At Home

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In our daily car life, car washing can be said to be the most bizarre thing, but also the basic form of vehicle maintenance. Car owners worried to go at car wash centers and searching about, car care tips and how to wash car at home easily. Many car owners will choose to bring the car to care and cleaning. Roadside car beauty shop queues long queues starting from the price higher than usual for a while not to mention, the vehicle cleaning hastily also depress the heart of the owners.

So many car owners choose their own car wash, that clean on the line, but many car wash method is not correct or unscientific, but there are still many learned. So after all, can you clean your car? How to clean it will not hurt it? Yili today to discuss with you how to properly car wash!

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7 car care tip to wash car at home
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car care tip – wash car at home

Here 7 car care Tips to was car at Home are:

1). Choose The Correct Car Wash Liquid

Carwash, you must choose a dedicated car wash liquid and water-based wax composition of the best car wash liquid. Most strongly recommended alkaline detergent or soap powder, because they are strong detergency, but also damage is also large, often use them to wash the car body surface light will soon be eroded away, and will accelerate the body Rubber parts, tires, windows and so on aging.

2). Choose The Right Tools, Supplies

Car paint surface damage due to prolonged exposure to the air, in fact, is very fragile, the paint is easy to fall off. Therefore, car washing tools must not be used, such as plastic brushes, ordinary towels or coarse cloth. Yili washing machine for home users, it has a stylish appearance, the operation is extremely convenient, the demand for energy consumption is very low, for the general four-seater car, only eight cents of water and electricity consumption is also the eyes Bright. The entire car washer is very lightweight, can be arbitrarily put to get any location, and the new version of the lithium battery can separate from the wire and exist independently, truly meet the requirements of washing anytime, anywhere. High-end billion power car washing machine up to 2000W high power, strong momentum, minimal noise, shock the best. Yili washing machine imported induction motor, the monthly sales of 10,000, send clean packs, returned thirty days.

When cleaning the body, use a soft and clean sponge to scrub, because the body is generally hard dust, if the direct flush with high pressure water, which is tantamount to let the dust particles in the paint surface to do “friction movement.” While wiping the glass, you need to use a special glass cleaner to wipe, at the same time, use a clean towel to dry, but not dry. In the event of need to clean the grease, sponge dipped in kerosene or gasoline gently wipe; and if wipe the steering wheel, lamps and other plastic and rubber parts, it can only be washed with ordinary soapy water, can not use organic solvents such as gasoline to go Stains and thinners and so on.

3). Choose The Correct Car Wash Program

Professional car wash should be added to the car wash a pre-wash program. Even with professional equipment to spray a special pre-lotion on the body, and wait a minute or two, after soaking, most of the soil can be detached from the car paint, and then rinsed with a water gun, to avoid the car wash liquid, Danger of paint damage. In addition to following the car wash from top to bottom order.

4). Choose The Right Car Wash Water Temperature

After a certain period of driving, the engine, chassis, and running systems are all at a high temperature. Cleaning the car body with cold water at this time is tantamount to irritating people with a strenuous exercise. Know, there will be a serious burst.

In addition, even if you want to clean and do not have a long driving car, but if the body in the sun after a certain period of exposure, immediately wash with cold water, the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction is also likely to cause paint aging.

5). Bird Droppings and Asphalt Treatment

In case of bird droppings or asphalt on the street, they should be removed immediately because of the high acid content in bird droppings, which is 10 times more damaging to the paint that is the hazard of rain on the paint; removal of bitumen Auto Parts City can buy a can of asphalt remover, what brand are similar, about 10-15 yuan / cans.

6). Car Wash After Rainy Day

Some car owners will like to wash away the dirty vehicles with rain and water, and even know that the acid rain will hurt the car owners will stop because the rain stopped and down, the car was wet and dry, too lazy to wash the car.

In fact, the car in the rainy day is very fragile, because the rainy day the body was covered with a layer of soil, this layer of sand like a fine sandpaper wrapped in the car body, once there is friction, just like to use sandpaper to paint. At the same time, if you do not wash the surface of the car as soon as possible rainwater stains, not only will affect the appearance but over time will damage the paint. If the watermark penetration deeper, only waxing can not afford to fight, and generally to the car beauty shop to maintain, polish it with a mirror wax job.

7). Yili washing machine reminder: Car washing should use professional, safe cleaning agents and polish to protect the car and the health of the human body are not infringed. At the same time, should pay attention to the car wash, the operating steps are strictly in accordance with the standards.

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