how to earn money from facebook

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how to ean money from facebook -By using we will earn money from facebook

Hi viewers .How are you ?? hopefully you will be fine :-). Millions facebook users specially Pakistani waste a lot of time on facebook so i have an idea about earn money from facebook 😀 . I am sharing some ideas to earn money from facebook and complete guide to change your free time into money .Lets Start ,earn from Facebook or Internet is a great trick for this purpose you should always ready to accept new challenges .Always think two steps ahead from others then you will succeed .One Important thing is that if you are gentle or noble man or the man who follow the rules then sorry you can’t earn enough money from facebook or Internet. Earn money but not sale your faith i mean on Internet business no cheating with others ,always try to care others benefits .You can earn money from facebook by using hundreds ways like mylikes, skylikes, .If you want to earn money by using mylikes then strongly recommend you to read this article  How to make money on mylikes : Easy Steps with Pictures

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how to earn money from facebook [4jags]

First  Method to earn money from facebook 🙂

It is first method to earn money from facebook and it is very easy and 100% working method .So lets start.there are following three major steps

  1. Go to accout settings
  2. Deactivate your account
  3. Go to work & Earn

What’s your opinion about this method 😀

Second Method to earn money from facebook 🙂

Second method to earn money from facebook is First of all short description about What is is a popular service for short link.You will enter any link in account and click on shrink button and will make this short link .You just need to drive traffic to this link and you will get money.I will tell you here how you can drive traffic from facebook to this link.I am going to share some methods to drive traffic to this link  from facebook.There are following methods :-

For create account on Click Here

By using Facebook Page :-

If you have  any facebook page with many likes then you can use this page for drive traffic on this link .You can put this link behind any attractive picture .

Comment on other posts :-

You can also put this link with attractive picture below the other posts in case you have no facebook page.One Important think is put your link below the posts who have hundreds comments.

If you want to start working on then click below link  and create account on and enjoy 🙂 .if you have more ideas to get traffic more then write in comment because it will help other viewers .So if you  required any help please use below comment box . Thanks

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