How to Earn Money With Dailymotion without investment

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What is Dailymotion ? How to Earn Money With Dailymotion without investment: Easiest Way and complete guidlines with pictures for beginners 🙂


This Age has become the age of internet and everyone wants to earn from internet without investment. Is it possible ? Yes it is possible as well as easy to earn money from internet 🙂 . There are many ways to earn money from internet. One of the Easiest way is to earn money with dailymotion. As everyone knows that dailymotion is video site so this will be the question in your mind how is it possible to earn money from dailymoiton ? Yes this is possible and also very easy  :-P. So be ready i am going to tell you easiest way to earn money with dailymotion 🙂 . You may also like to read How to make money on mylikes : Easy Steps with Pictures. 

First of all i have to introduce you that what is Dailymotion: 

Dailymotion is video shareing website where everyone can share his/her vodeos and also can see every type of video which he/she wants. It also provide to users to make their channel and share video to it.

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Earn Money With Dailymotion []
Now we will learn that  How to Earn Money With Dailymotion without investment:

Dailymotion is provide two program itself to make/earn money.

1. Publisher Program

2. Official Program

Firs of all we discuss How to earn money with  Dailymotion using Publisher Program :

  1. First of all you have to create account on dailymotion Publisher account. Go here  Dailymotion Publisher Program and click on sign up. Provide Email and choose any password. You can also connect this account to Facebook. When you have clicked on Create then a Form will Appear. Where you will asked by some more details such as your name , company name could be your’s choice, your adress , postal code and country and city name. Here you have to provide the link of website where you will share your videos. Such as Facebook page, twitter account with good followers etc.
  2. When you have provided all. You will be ask for update your billing information and link will available on the top of the page. Just click on Go To settings and provide billing info.
  3. After providing your billing info, First of all add extension of Dailymotion “Publish It“. Go to Publisher Tool And Add extension to your browser.
    Earn Money With Dailymotion (Publish it) [].com
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    Earn Money With Dailymotion (Publish it) [].com
  4. After Adding this Extension , A logo will appear at right side of the address bar. Now  Go to Browse Videos and select any video. When you will click on any video a pop up will appear where different option will present. Short link which you can share on social media like facebook . twitter , g plus , reddit etc. And there is also a complete frame which you can add to your website if have any.
  5. But if you want to share any video you want then open dailymotion. Search for videos and when you will open your desired video then a Button will appear below the video. Click on “Publish It”. If you have not found the button then Click on icon which is appear on right side of the address bar. Here get the same pop up page with different option which i have discussed already.
  6. After sharing your video you can see report on daily , weekly and of month basis on Report tab.
  7. When user will see your video, you will be paid on the basis of ads revenue. See your earnings on Payment tab.

Now we will How to earn money with  Dailymotion using Official Program : 

  1. First of all create an dailymotion official account. Go here Dailymotion Official Program and click for sign up. Same for publisher account give here email and password of your choice and also can connect with Facebook. Now a windows will appear. Here click click on checkbox and click on Accept it.
  2. Now a windows will appear and will show a message that you have become a partner of dailymotion.
  3. On the top , a message will appear that download “Uploader”. Download it this will help you to upload videos to dailymtion.
  4. when you will make an official account on Dailymotion, it will provide you a channel of your’s. just go to and place your cursor on your username, a list will appear such that your channel , who is following your channel and mnay more things.

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    Earn money with dailymotion (official) []

  5. Now Just share your stuff on dailymtion. You will be given a link of this video , you can also share it on your social media like Facebook . Twitter , Reddit and many more. But remember one thing is  that sahre only unique stuff. if you will share the video which is already n dailymotion then there will be copyright issue and you will not be granted. But i am sharing you a trick to avoid this 😉 . Actually dailymotion checks your very first video. If you will share your first video which will unique then they will approve your account and after this you can share any video 😉 . 
  6. As like publisher account you can see your report on report tab and payment on payment tab and earning is also based on ads revenue.

I hope this tutorial will help you a lot to Earn Money With Dailymotion. So don’t waste your time and lets start and earn $$$  😛  😉  🙂  😀 . If you ahve any query in your mind or any problem in this tutorial then mention we will give response as soon as possible 🙂

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