Facebook new feature Safety Check

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Facebook will tell your family and friends about your safety automatically after any disaster By – Facebook new feature Safety Check

Facebook is a social network of 1.32 Millions active users around the globe and most liked social network since its days of foundation. It always try to introduce new features. Facebook being a 2nd top searched and used network never ends up his updating. Every year , every month they update Facebook.But in the year 2013-2014 they spent a great budget on Facebook security and its updation. Facebook has many competitors like twitter, Instagram and currently most growing network of WhatSapp (although owned by the owner of Facebook).

Currently You will experience Facebook new feature Safety Check that will blow your mind.

Facebook has introduced a new gadget that will tell you and your family about accidents, incidents and natural disasters that you may face and will also tell your family that are you safe. I know you shocked! but its true. This gadget has named “ Safety check”.  Yes, I am talking about Facebook new feature Safety Check.

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This safety check gadget has its own features and will be provided to all Facebook  users. Especially this feature will be for under-development countries. You know that whenever there is any natural disaster or incident , Facebook users update their status and people get awareness. But this Facebook new feature  Safety Check  is totally different and amazing. You want to know that “what’s special with this feature?”.  Okay ! let me tell you about this feature.

Whenever Facebook user will activate this feature on their accounts. And whenever their will be any natural accident. This Facebook new feature Safety Check will tell your family and friend about this feature.

How will safety check Work ?

  • User will activate this feature on their account.
  • This app will work in such way that it will search for your location on your facebook account that you have provided.
  • When ever there is any bad happening in your living region or close to your living region , your family will be informed about that happening through this Facebook application . And they will also know that are you safe ? Or…..(May God save us all).

This Facebook new feature Safety Check has not distributed publically.  Hopes that you have liked this post . Give feedback or any other information relating to this post by just commenting.

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