Fact behind Israel Jews kids intelligence what mothers Do for kids they leading the world

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A Fact behind Israel Jews kids intelligence what mothers Do for kids they leading the world

Am going to tell you a mysterious news about the diet of Jews mother before giving birth to a baby. As we know every pregnant woman struggled to give a bright and brilliant future to her child. He makes strong to her child before opening eyes. Now the point is how it could be possible, I have a quick solution to this query. Dr. Stephon did 3-year study on Jews children and compare them with American and Canadian boys, the result was shocking. According to study the found that the American boy is approximately 6 years back and Canadian boy 8-9 years. This is a huge difference and you could judge yourself how far we are from Israel. read about Loyalty PROGRAMS


Reason Behind Why Isreal Jews So Smart Leading the World?

True Story: Israel is not a mega country according to a population. When we see the map of Israel we could only see a dot of existence. The total population of Israel is only 60 Lac which is the population of 1 town in China. This show that huge population is nothing but all in vain in front of a brilliant mind. Mega size of the city can give an example of a union but brave and extraordinary mind conquer the world. As Dr. Stephon said about 70% of Nobel prizes go to Israel. The Israeli women not only delivered a boy but give a birth to a man who has abilities to rule the world. When a baby comes to an approx.8 month he could speak three languages English, Librani, and Arabic.

Before about 3 months giving birth to a child Jews mother eat some special food like Almond to make brain brilliant, strong and intelligent along with milk and dates. Then at lunch, they prefer fish which is very powerful for developing a brain. She solves mathematically question to active the brain not only of her but also a child’s brain. She keeps the baby in a peaceful place and away from smoking because smoking can alter the mutation and bones production else also cancer causing.

Then after successful delivery when they become conscious they do not play with toys and games like us. They run fast do shooting play archery to make physically fit, healthy and strong. According to Dr. Stephon, those boys who like to play archery and shooting are marvelous in taking decision and judgment. They beat they world only because their growth is done in a peaceful environment and activities of a mother. These women also keep the taste of music that boosts them. At the age of 10 when our child learning the basics of everything but they studied business, statistic and mathematical question. At that stage, they solved a problem like an expert guy.

At the university level, we assigned assignments to students to get a degree. But they give tasks to a student group to make a plan so that they could earn up to 10 thousand dollars. Not only this they give grants to a student to initiate a business career. New York have an office which gives grants and business plan, facilitates the students with all kind of necessities. Now you can judge yourself that how they lead the world.

Every mega product, brand, banks, business and democracy belong to them. About 70% of world power in their hand just because of brilliant mind. They are playing world with hands and mind. This all show that they are successful in their goals, targets and mission. The logic behind is they are filled with skills of how to rule the world. We can say that they have a magical power that’s why they leading the world. No they have fresh, flourish mind to attain what they planned. So the conclusion is that we could do to some extent if our diet, environment and activities give permission.


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