How to Write High Quality Content for my blog?

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How am I Write High Quality Content for my blog?- 5 Guiding steps with Pictures

Every webmaster or blogger especially newbies try  to know the answer to question the answer  that how to get ranked in search engine. Experts just say one thing write quality content.    But what’s meant by high-quality content and how to write quality content ? By reading this post  you come to now how you can write high-quality content and lead your website in search engine.


Let’s start to learn-How to write high quality content!

Topic search:

First of all,you must have an idea that what’s the topic you are going to write about. You may Have many ideas but choose one that is best in your opinion.
         Note: You must have enough knowledge about your topic.

Keyword search:

The keyword is the focus word of your content/topic. These are the words user will write in the search engine to find your post. Here are some strategies for keyword planning.

  • Google keyword planner (Google Adwords)
  • Google Trends
  • Instant search and relevant ideas from search engine
how to write high quality content keyword []
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+
how to write high-quality content keyword suggestion []

Don’t ignore this factor & find a proper keyword related to your post if you really want to know that how to write high quality content for SEO . Try to use Long tail keywords (keyword consists of more than 3 words).

Step by step detail for keyword can be found Here-Proper keyword Research Organic SEO

Actual post Body:

This is the main area of commencement. Here you will write down the actual detail post. Your post body must have at least 300 words by following grammatical rules and should be attractive.This is the actual learning of How to write high quality content.

  • Set Heading 2:

In the beginning of your post write 1-2 lines about your topic being elaborated. The keyword should also be in heading2 & also align it in the center. See the picture below that how to set heading2.

how to write high quality content heading2 []
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+
how to write high quality content heading setting []
  • Introductory paragraph:

Write an introductory paragraph that will be the abstraction of your post. That will describe what are you going to write down ?. Try to make your introductory paragraph of 200 words.

    • Image Adding:

    After writing the first paragraph , add  an  image relevant to your post. Some Necessary  points for setting an image.

    1. Set image title like this €œYour+keyword[].png.As an example €œHow to do []
    2. Edit image and write small website name in the center or at the corner of the image.
    3. Set image width to 600 by custom. Leaving height as it is.
    4. Description and alternate image text must match with image title.
      You are learning how to write high quality content
    • Heading 3:

    Add heading 3 including your keyword. Although it’s not necessary  but try to add them.

    • Explain Your Topic:
    1. Now write everything that you want to write. But your whole post must concise to your keyword.
    2. Your post should walk around to your keyword.
    3. Add bullets, numbering if you are guiding in steps.
    4. Use attractive way of describing.
    5. Follow grammatical rules.
    • Closing statements:

    Write 2-3 lines to sum up your topic. Tell what have you written but be brief.

    • Get Feedback:

    Write 2-3 lines asking for users views and feedback. Also, ask them to put them queries down in a comment.  And say goodbye.

how to write high quality content seo []
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+
how to write high-quality content SEO suitable []
Some SEO Factors:

Some important factors that you must follow while learning how to write high quality content.  These are basics and must fulfill while writing a post.

  1. Keyword density:(number of times a keyword used in your post) should be between 1.5%-2.5%.
  2. Meta-description: Your meta-description should be meaningful enough as it will be the abstract statement of your post being published. Meta-description should also have a keyword in it.
  3. Make an attractive , meaningful and long title of your post. Must not longer than 70 characters.
  4. Tags: Don’t use tags in your post. Its adverse effects are more than its advantages.
  5. Post length must not less than 300 words.
  6. Copy content: Its most important point. Never copy anyone’s content. As everyone has a privacy policy. If Google finds you that you are stealing data. You web may be paralyzed forever.
  7. Quotes: Don’t afraid of adding Quotes if needed. Don’t try to change them as these don’t have copyright issues.
  8. As everyone has installed Yoast for WordPress. Check your SEO status and take it to Good status.

Final Words:

These are the simple rules that describe how to write high  quality   content.  Don’t try  to fool  anyone.  Write  your  own content and be creative.

If you have any query regarding this post How am I Write  High Quality Content for my blog? or want to give us feedback about this post . Feel free to put it down in a comment. Your suggestions will be taken and queries will be solved as soon as possible.

Have a Good Day 🙂

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