How To Apply For National Taxation Number-NTN Registration Fee and Requirements

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Application of National Taxation Number: If you want to register your company and have no idea about how to apply online registration for National Taxation Number (NTN). Then you can find all method step by step of online registration for your business. What you need for online application and what documents you required for the whole process.

Things You Need Before Apply online

  1. Read User Guide
  2. An Email address of applicant
  3. A cellphone with registered SIM from PTA
  4. Computer, Scanner and internet connection

How To apply For NTN

For NTN you can apply online through this website:, by following the steps given below: Steps for Online Application:

1:  Go to to begin the online process.

2: Select new e-registration from the drop-down of “e-Registration” to begin a new registration application.

3: Select the application type (New Registration, Change in Particulars’ ST FED Registration, Duplicate Certificate)

4: Select the taxpayer type (Individual, AOP, or Company)

5: Enter the CNIC / NTN / Reg. Inc., according to the selected taxpayer type, Name and image character then click ok to proceed.

6: Already selected category will appear on the next screen (Individual, AOP, and Company).

7: After the completion of the online registration form, verify and submit the application if you want to apply online. To process from TFC, submit the application along with documents at our TFC counter.

8: A token number will be assigned to the application for further processing/approval/inquiry.

Requirement of Documents for NTN

  • Copy of latest electric bill for confirmation of address
  • Copy of CNIC
  • Copy of letterhead (in case of business)
  • Property papers or rental agreement for confirmation of business
  • Mobile number, PTCL number, Email and type of business by the name of applicant
  • If you are doing job you need salary slip or job offer letter

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