How To Use Reddit To Drive Traffic Instantly

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How To Use Reddit To Drive Massive and huge Traffic with Targeted USA visitor Instantly. Detailed and complete procedure for Beginners and Newbies redditors

Now a days, Blogging has become a most popular way to earn money online. And earning from blogging is totally based on traffic specially Organic (traffic from search engines) as well as from Social Media ( such as Facebook , Twitter , Tumblr , Reddit etc). Traffic from countries USA , UK , Canada & Aus is said to be as premium because Google pay for these countries much more than other countries. And Google pays for USA clicks on Ads much more than these all countries.  Therefore every blogger want to get Premium traffic for their Bloggs or Website. To day we will learn How to use Reddit to drive Massive and Huge Premium specially USA Traffic From Reddit Instantly in Free 😉 🙂 😀 .

First of all I will tell you What is Reddit ?

reddit is an online community where users can submit, vote, and comment on content, stories, and discussions. It allows us to share over ideas or thoughts specially images globally. Reddit have mostly premium users 🙂 .

How To Use Reddit To Drive Traffic []
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How To Use Reddit To Drive Traffic []

Now we will discuss

How To Use Reddit To Drive Massive Traffic Instantly :

  1. First of all you have to make account or to Register on Reddit. Just go to Reddit home page and Register. Provide Username which you want to use and which is available also then choose password. Here Email is optional Field. Many Users get ban on their very First day! If you don’t get ban instantly then first precaution is that provide your email and Then verify it after Register 🙂 . Click Here to  Verify Email Adress
  2. After making account and verifying it, you can share your thoughts , ideas and also share your Website’s link. But don’t start to share your web’s link immediately after Signing Up. First you have to increase link karma minimum to 200 and then share your web’s link. Now the Question is that how to increase link karma on Reddit ? This is very easy 🙂 . Just use IMGUR. IMGUR is site of images where you can share any type of image. after sharing image on IMGUR, get direct link of image from there and share it with title on Reddit on Appropriate subreddit.
  3. When you have increase you karma minimum to 200, you can share you web’s link. But Remember that don’t share more than one link of your web on your Reddit account in one day. if you will do then your account will ban without any reason 😛 .
  4. The most important thing to post your web link is that choose a appropriate Subreddit to Post your link. Don’t post link to subreddit which has many subscribers but is not according to your link. If you will not keep in mind and post against the rules of subreddit then many users will downvote you and your post will remove automatically as well as you will get banned to this subreddit forever 😛 .
  5. Another fact to keep in mind that when you will post your link then instantly ask your friends to upvote your link. There are many groups on fb where many users are online at the same time and you can get upvotes from them by sharing link to this group. But keep one thing in mind that don’t give direct link to ask for anyone to upvote your link because it will be cause of automatically downvote. just give link of category with new and provide title and ask for upvote on the new page of this subreddit where you have posted the link. If you will get 10 points in a minute then your link will goes into hot and if your link will be in hot then you can get much traffic which may be crash your server  😛  😀 .

I hope you will like to read this article and will be shocked 😛  😀 . It will be real if you will keep these points mind while sharing your web link on Reddit. Enjoy Premium traffic 😉  😀 .  If you have any query regarding  How To Use Reddit To Drive Traffic then ask freely 🙂 . We will answer you 🙂

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