Judge yourself are you critical thinker or not?

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 You Have Critical Thinking?Judge yourself are you critical thinker or not?

A study based on critical thinking was conducting by Macat which is a technical education company jointly with University of Cambridge. The purpose of this mega survey was to judge the people way of thinking skills in any decision making, occupation and at professional level. This survey was very successful in self-evaluation of people thinking level. As we know every people have different thinking level some people think generally some show minor interesting during think but some revealed critical interest in any kind of topic giving to them.

How you can learn that what kind of capacity you have depends on followings:

  • Evaluate your critical intelligent potential.
  • Secondly draw a map of skills opposite to other professions
  • Uncover which opportunity close to your abilities.

According to research there are six sort of skills in people.


Judge yourself are you critical thinker or not?

This intense study make us able to understand the six ingredients of critical thinking collaboratively strengthen us to expose how better professional, Employee, Entrepreneur, student etc we are. Globally more than 2000 people including students from schools, universities, individuals and also businessman make part of this giant research.


How it works:

This study is in front of any one who want to judge his/her potential can to only by just join a giant family.

Basically you have to pass a basic test of few minutes to continue it. You will choose your area of interest as given below.




This type of researches should be promoted globally to develop interest in people to judge their worth. A new survey study was very helpful for people and also for researcher to disclose the hidden talent in their minds. Macat education technological company showing for interest to cover the whole world gradually to show off legend minds. The abilities of people depends upon their IQ level. Everyone one has its own IQ level. It’s very rare that some’s IQ level bit resemble with other.

So become a part of this research and judge yourself what kind of thinking you have inside and about which you not now till. Just click on registration and go ahead. Good luck for you.

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