Older mothers are Better Mothers – Study Suggest

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According to a group of scholars and researchers it is found that that psychological maturity of the mothers of elder ages are beneficial for the wellbeing of their children. The children born from older age mothers experience symptoms like behavioral, emotional and social difficulties according to new studies. The usual age at which the people have children in developed countries like the United Kingdom is rising. The women living in developed countries like United Kingdom are often warned that having children later can certainly increase the risk of complications during pregnancy even can go through miscarriage. However, the “psychological maturity” of the older mothers can have a constructive effect on the wellbeing of the children in mid-teens age. This was said by some researchers at the Aarhus University in Denmark.

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A study article published in the European Journal of Developmental Psychology says that the older mothers do not scold or physically torture their children as compared to the mothers who give birth to children at younger ages. The researchers who have written this study article has analyzed responses from a random sample of more than four thousand mothers including children and their families living in Denmark. They also found that until adolescence the children grasp of social development and language is improved as the age of their mother’s increases regardless of the factors which include finances, background and education. This was the scenario among children at ages of 7 and 11, who had less emotional and social issues. But the effect appeared to disappear at the age of 15.

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Live births in 2017 in UK by age group of mother and father (according to DailyMail Report)


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Professor Dion Sommer, the lead of the research said that we know the people become more mentally flexible with age and are more tolerant of other people and survive much better emotionally by themselves. This is the reason why psychological maturity clarify why older age mothers don’t scold their children and discipline them in a much better way. This style of parenting according to some researchers can thereby contribute to a positive psychological environment which directly affects the upbringing of children.

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