How to rank and optimize android mobile apps on Google play store?

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Developing mobile apps for an android operating system is very good but optimizing apps in Google play store is most important because ASO of your apps increase your keyword ranking globally in each country e.g. USA, UK, Singapore SEO. Here are most advanced tips that work according to the algorithms that Google play store uses, to rank the keywords in Google play store. Your apps ASO depends on the following factors.

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You can rank your android apps by using the following tips and techniques:

1) Add your keywords minimum 5 times in app page or in app description:

Your app’s description is most important to rank the app. If you add your keywords minimum 5 times in application description, it means that 20% ASO of your android application is confirmed. It is minimum recommended density of adding a keyword in the app’s description.
2) By putting your main keyword in you app title:

You must use your app’s main keyword in your application title. 80% ASO of your application in Google play store depends on this factor. If you use this technique in your android apps then 80% of your ASO/SEO is done. So you must follow this strategy to optimize your android apps in Google play store.
3) Focus on first 167 characters of you apps description:

To optimize your application in Google play store you must focus on first 167 characters quality content because according to Google play store algorithms it is considered as meta description means that it is your apps description summary. So for every app, you must focus on it. It is very important to focus on it because if you ignore this technique then your android app may not get good rank in the Google play store.
4) By adding Demo/Promo of android app video in the screenshot slot:

Adding app’s promo/demo video in the screenshot’s slot is very important because it tells the users the actual functionality of your android application in the best way. So you can use different video editing tools to make the video attractive for every user. Note that. Promo/demo video must be added in the first slot of the screenshots. More it will attractive, more users will watch it and will like to download the app after watching the video and your application will get rank in Google Play store.
5) Increase your app user’s usage frequency:

You must sure that you android app has such features and graphics that push the users to use this application again and again. For example: If you develop an android game that has attractive ultra HD graphics and multiple features in it then it will ultimately attract the game lovers. So your app must have good and reliable long lasting features.
6) By adding beautiful designs and screenshots of your app:

Your android apps should have reliable attractive HD graphics so that you could add with confidence beautiful and attractive designs and screenshots that will attract the users to download and use your app and in this way, it will get rank in Google play store.
7) By adding high ranked keywords in your app description:

It is the best technique among all. You can use any Google play keyword tool for this purpose. You just have to search for high ranked keywords. There is a number of keywords search tools that are available on the internet but Appannie is the best and free keywords search tool among all others. You just insert your apps relevant words in the App DB and click the search button. It will search all related apps and show them on the page and then you just have to click on any app and it will be opened. Now click the “keyword ASO/SEO” present in the lower left corner of the opened app page in Appannie. Now all the keywords will be displayed in front of you and you can check your rank and competition. Note that you have to add those keywords that have low competition and high rank. It helps you to rank your app in Google play store.

If you want to have a good rank of your apps in countries like USA, UK, Singapore and UAE then you can contact SEO Companies of these countries e.g. If you want in Singapore then you just have to contact freely Singapore SEO company. It may provide you the best SEO techniques according to people’s interests living in this country. In general, If you will follow the above-listed techniques for your andiron app then hopefully your application will get good and high rank than other same another kind of android apps in Google play store.

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