what are Sources and Dangerous effects of air pollution on health and environment

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Sources and Dangerous effects of air pollution on human health and environment

today we will learn about air pollution and effects of it on human & environment

Main topics we are going to cover :

1). What is air pollution.

2). Source of Air Pollution

3). Types of air pollution

  • indoor air pollution and effects in Detail
  • outdoor air pollution and effects in Detail

4). Natural Sources and Man Made Sources

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Sources and Dangerous Effect of Air Pollution on Human Health and Environment:

                                                                                                                        Air Pollution is the most dangerous and effective form of pollution. It produce due to many reasons. Such as excessive burning of fuel. fuel is a necessity element of our daily lives for cooking, forest fire, burning of solid waste(especially plastic bags) driving and other industrial activities  releases a huge amount of chemical substances in the air every-day and every time  these pollute the air and badly effect the human as well as environmental health. Smoke from chimneys, factories, vehicles or burning of wood, hospital solid waste occurs due to burning of fossil fuels this releases Sulphur dioxide gas into the air. The effects of air pollution are evident too. Release of Sulphur dioxide and hazardous gases into the air causes GHGs problem, global warming and acid rain which in turn have increased earth temperatures making it tough for the human, animals to survive. We breathe in polluted air result is increase in asthma and lungs cancer. Since from the industrial revolution there has been unbalanced change in the composition of the atmosphere mainly due to the combustion of fossil fuels which is used for the generation of energy, industrial processes and transportation.

Air pollution is a major problem affecting the environmental health of both developed and the developing countries. The effects of air pollution on health are very complicated because there are many different direct and indirect sources. It is not only the ambient air quality in the cities but also the indoor air quality in the rural and the urban areas that are causing concern. In fact indoor pollution is the highest air pollution source in developing countries. Air pollutants that are inhaled have serious impacts on human health affecting the lungs and the respiratory system cause asthma. They are also taken up by the blood and pumped into whole body. These pollutants are also deposited on soil, plants, and in the water, further contributing to human exposure.

Major Sources of air pollution:

Air pollutants consist of gaseous pollutants, odors, dust, aerosols, fumes, mist, and toxic smoke. The gradually increasing concentration of these pollutants in and near areas causes severe pollution to the surrounding environment. Human play key role in increasing air pollution by energy generation, transportation, and industries that use a huge amount of fossil sources because of unfamiliar with the efficient alternative sources. Depending on their source and interactions with other components of the air, they can have different chemical compositions and health impacts. Pollutants are generally concentrated in and around urban areas, the outdoor urban pollution levels are higher than in the rural areas because of extensive development in both construction and industrial sectors. Arson are another major source of air pollution and can lead to severe problems if the smoke is inhaled for a period of time. These fires can either be forest fires, oil well fires, burning of leaves in the backyard or as in the case of rural areas, burning of toxic and hazardous waste at large-scale, burning of agricultural waste after crop session. Other sources include industries and power plants located in these areas which cause sever issues.you may also like to read Educational Institutions: Formal Informal and Adult Institutions


Types of Air Pollution:

There are two types of air pollution. These are as following:

  • Indoor air pollution.
  • Outdoor air pollution.

Indoor Air Pollution sources and dangerous effects on Health and Environment:

Indoor Air Pollution include noise and air pollutants within and around the building structure. By Understanding and controlling these common pollutants indoors can help reduce your risk of indoor health concerns.

indoor air pollution is caused by many disease as like Swine Flow. this virus effect many country like Pakistan, America, and more than 30 people killed due to this virus and still not controlled.

Short Time Effects:

Some human bodies are very sensitive and show in short time when expose to any pollutant. These health concerns related to pollution include irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat, headaches, dizziness, and fatigue. The short term effect treated immediately but in some cases they take more time to recover. Exposure changes person to person because it depend upon the sensitivity of person. Certain immediate effects are similar to those from colds or other viral diseases, so it is difficult to determine if the symptoms are a result of exposure to indoor air pollution.

Long-Term Effects:

Pollutants are differ in nature and expose after long time. Chemical and biological pollutants are in such category. These are some respiratory diseases, heart disease and cancer, and some lungs diseases. While pollutants found in indoor air can cause many harmful effects. People also react very differently to exposure to indoor air pollutants. However, research is needed in order to better understand which health effects occur more easily and in what concentration it effects.

Outdoor Air Pollution sources and Dangerous Effects:

The outdoor air pollution is emission of smoke, small pollutants from industries, transportation, agricultural waste and other bodies. As we know that the concentration of pollutant gradually increasing causes asthma, respiratory and lungs cancer, neurological, reproductive diseases. Some diseases are inter related to each other and causes multiple diseases. The gases include carbon dioxide, Sulphur, nitrogen, CCFs, partially burnt hydrocarbons, heavy metal such as lead, volatile compound and others. The main reason behind increasing concentration is the source of fuel. We are totally dependent on fossil fuel and demand increasing day by day.


  1. Acid Rain: sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides and other harmful gases are released into the environment during burning fossil fuel. When it rains, water droplets, their acidity is combined with air pollution and acid rain that falls on the ground. Acid rain damage human, animal and crops.
  2. Eutrophication: eutrophication is a cause where high amount of nitrogen pollution is developed and algae on the surface of the sea, and this is the way fish, plants and animal species are effected. Occurrence of Green algae in lakes and ponds only because of the presence of this chemical
  1. . Effect on Wildlife: just like humans, animals also suffered the devastating effects of air pollution. Toxic chemicals in the air, force to move from one location to the new location and force to change their habitats. Toxic contamination deposit over the surface of the water and can affect sea animals
  2. Depletion of Ozone layer: Ozone exists in earth’s stratosphere and is responsible for protecting humans from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. due to the existence of chlorofluorocarbons, hydro chlorofluorocarbons in the atmosphere ,Earth’s ozone layer is depleting. Day by day ozone layer changes his shape from thick layer to thin layer, it will emit harmful rays back on earth which can cause skin and eye related problems. UV rays also have the capability to affect crops.
  3. Global warming: A direct impact on the world that global warming is due to msaهd immediate change. Temperature rise in worldwide sea level rise and cold areas and icebergs, displacement and loss of habitat protection measures for normalization are not undertaken soon already indicate an imminent catastrophe snow with melting.
  1. Respiratory and Heart diseases:

The effect of air pollution are frightening. There are several known respiratory problems such as suffocation and lungs failure. Children are more vulnerable to air pollution because they are sensitives and become victim of acute or chronic disease.

Natural sources and Man-made sources:

Natural sources of pollution include dust carried by the wind from locations with very little or no green cover, gases released from the body processes of living beings (Carbon dioxide from humans during respiration, Methane from cattle during digestion, Oxygen from plants during Photosynthesis). Smoke from the combustion of various inflammable objects, volcanic eruptions etc along with the emission of polluted gases also make it to the list of Natural sources of Pollution.

While looking at the man-made contributions towards air pollution, smoke again features as a prominent component. The smoke emitted from various forms of combustion like in bio mass, factories, vehicles, furnaces etc. Waste used to create landfills generate methane that is harmful in several ways. The reactions of certain gases and chemicals also form harmful fumes that can be dangerous to the well- being of living creatures.



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