Terrorism in Pakistan – Effects of Terrorism in Pakistan

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Terrorism in Pakistan remains a threat to the people of our country. Terrorism has damaged Pakistan badly everywhere. Pakistan has lost many human lives from terrorism. Terrorism is a serious problem for Pakistan. Terrorism is the name of a threat to people of the country. No one any other country has faced terrorism as Pakistan. Terrorism means terrorist attacks using illegal force attained by nonstate actors of the country to get their goals which can be economical, religious and another form. These groups compelled the state to take steps in their favor and when the state did not as they want they spread fear and violence in the country.

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Pakistan has faced many deadly attacks by terrorist groups after nine eleven incidents in America. Terrorism has destroyed infrastructure, economic growth, and other human development projects. According to Browns University’s Watson Institute for international and public affairs, Pakistan has lost 24000 civilians and almost 9000 security persons killed and many are injured seriously who lost their human life parts. Economically Pakistan has lost 68 Billion dollars from 2001 to 2010. But if we see the Pakistan new paper, 126 billion dollars loss from 2001-2018 which is the big loss for Pakistan.

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Terrorism affects foreign direct investment in the country also. Investors shift their business in other safe and peaceful countries due to the situation of uncertainty and instability of Pakistan. When foreign investment decreases economic growth decreases which will go to unemployment and inflation in the country. When forgiven investors feel that their investment will be lost due to the country’s current situation. But if we see the present situation in Pakistan about the peaceful then it will not be wrong to say that Pakistan has tried his best to establish peace and a good environment after excellent military operations in the Tribal areas of KPK and also all the areas of Pakistan.

Terrorist activities were at his peak in 2009 and 2010. Pakistan has tried many times to negotiate with militants and find out the solution on the table talk but as time passes militants such as TTP and other terrorist groups targeted the Pakistan high profile personalities and places. The main terrorist attacks were Karachi Airport attack, Benazir Bhutto, Lahore Wahga Border. Then Pakistan Political parties and Pakistan Army decided to launch military operation named Operation Zarb-e-azb against terrorist groups in Tribal areas of KPK such as North Waziristan and South Waziristan to establish the peace in the country. The public of Pakistan has fully supported Armed forces to win this military operation against terrorists because without public support and the full backing of public the military operations was impossible to win in any country until their public did not support yet. From this operation, the Pakistan Army killed many terrorists and destroy their base camps and networks where they are operating all over the country.

Effects of Terrorism in Pakistan
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Effects of Terrorism in Pakistan

The terrorist also attacks Pakistan Army Headquarter GHQ located in Rawalpindi in 2009 in which twenty Pakistan Army Officers and men martyred. The terrorist has established an environment of fear and violence in the whole country. The world was looking at Pakistan as a dangerous and insecure country. The world considered Pakistan an unsafe and insecure country. The terrorist also attacked Sri Lankan Cricket team in Lahore luckily no one player and Sri Lanka officials killed but some players are injured. After this, the door of cricket in Pakistan was closed and Pakistan could not host matches after this attack in his country. Terrorism has several reasons to come to any country like unemployment, inflation, illiteracy, income inequality, political instability, injustice, poverty and high population and low growth per rate of the country.

The main external factors behind terrorism are the Afghan war, 9/11 attacks and the Iranian revolution. Pakistan was the key player in the Afghan war that started in 1980. Pakistan trained Maujahdens and sends them in Afghanistan to fight against the Soviet Union with the help of Saudi Arabia and the United States of America. After 9./11 attacks Pakistan again joined the US and started military operations in the country against terrorist groups to wipe out the militants. The political reasons behind terrorism are improper Government setup, failure of Law enforcement agencies, on-democratic set up in the country and influx of Talibanization, weaponization.

Pakistan will have to take crucial steps to develop his economic, manufacturing and agricultural to low down poverty, unemployment, uncertainty, inflation and special attention on the human development in the country. This will provide employment not only to the people but also to eliminate poverty in the country that make the country prosper. The government will have to strengthen the institutions, law enforcement agencies, courts. Pakistan’s government will have to bring reforms in Madrashas and take its under control and banned terrorist organizations operating in the country and get access to foreign terrorist organizations.

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