Tips to improve your programming skills

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Tips to improve your programming skills as wells as making code review of program:

Here,i will tell you about all tips to improve your programming skills.Many guys have not so much expert in programming because they have not practice as well as depend on their interest.As a student or as a learner you have to work a lot of practice of programs where you learn all about programming .Many guys have not expert in early stage due to lack of practice or when they make programs it contain many syntax errors or bugs and it is very usual  for beginners.As a learner i want to suggest first of all you have to make logic of program and then practice a lot to understand program and to improve your programming skills.Simply i suggest …. CodeLessTestMore.

Tips to improve your programming skills:

Practice a lot:

For best practice you have to write a lot of programs,especially large programs.When you are able to make a lot good practices  you should be able to catch your errors which you often make in a program.Also write small programs at same amount of time to improve your programming skills rapidly.When you have a good practice then modify existing programs to valuable skill.It ables you to write a maintainable program.After a lot of practice you are able to write large programs with your improving skills.

Carefully read  Logic:

The code logic is very important to improve your programming skills.Before to make a program you must clear idea about which thing you have to make a program.TO, improve programming skills practice not only necessary but also make a clear logic about program.

improve your programming skills
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improve your programming skills

In this program, a operator function void operator ++ () is defined, which is invoked when ++ operator operates on the object of type temp. This function will increase the value of count by 1.

Code  review:


improve your programming skills
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improve your programming skills

After making a clear logic you are able to write code for a program.And after making a complete program you have to review your coding of your program.People of similar skill levels can teach each other a lot.It helps to you to understand to catch errors which majorlly related to our programming skills that appear in a program.


logical errors are happen due to poor use of logic ,means not have a clear knowledge about program logic


syntax errors are oftenly due to wrong syntax or spelling mistakes when write a wrong statement  it oftenly appears with syntax error found


Correct your faults:

After a code review you are able to catch your errors.It helps you a lot which you do normally common mistakes in a program.With the help of a lot of practice and code reviews you have to catch your errors .But note one thing more here ,by helping code review and practice you have to catch the LOGICAL ERROR but in most programms ,programmers often have some 8o% of syntax errors which have to catch only if you have lot of focus on coding as well as code review.The main thing is with the writing of code you have to focus just on your coding to improve your programming skills.

 Here you check all things which are necessary to improve programming skills

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