Top 15 Lawyers in Lahore 2020 – List of Best Lawyers in Punjab Pakistan

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Nowadays countries like Pakistan and India are facing the problem of less number of lawyers in the countries and as a result, many cases fail to complete and the number of pending cases in the courts keeps getting higher and higher. If you live in Pakistan, you can have a list of 15 top rated lawyers in Lahore Pakistan 2020 which will help you find the best lawyers in the country right now.

There are so many local lawyers and their assistants in the country right now but they are either not capable of solving cases or they just don’t have the necessary qualifications. With that being said, it can be more than helpful for you to get a list ready for you with the names of top lawyers in Lahore Pakistan right now. You will not only have information for yourself but also if someone in your family or friends needs to find the best lawyers in Pakistan, you can share it with them easily.

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15 top lawers in Lahore 2020

15 Top best Lawyers in Lahore :

There are some famous lawyers in the country with a very good track record and the experience of years in their field.

1). Akram Shiekh

Being a current Pakistani Advocate in the supreme court of Pakistan right now, Akram Shiekh is one of the best lawyers in Pakistan right now.

2). Asrar-ul-Haq main
The leading and prominent lawyer and a senior advocate in the supreme court of Pakistan, Asrar-ul-Haq is one of the best lawyers in the country.

3). Aitzaz Ahsan
The world famous politician of Pakistan, the representative of PPP, Aitzaz Ahsan is currently one of the leading lawyers in the country right now. He dealt with all the financial and legal activities of his party and has plenty experience as law and Justice minister.

4). Asma Jahangir
Currently in the news right now and with the position of President Supreme Court Pakistan, Asma is one of the top-rated lawyers in the country so far. She has all the experience and knowledge to be in this position.

5). Babar Awan
After Aitzaz Ahsan, Babar Awan is the second most experienced and top rated lawyer in Pakistan till date. Similar to Aitzaz Ahsan, Babar Awan also relates to a political party, Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf and has all that it takes to be the best lawyer in Lahore Pakistan.

6). Latif Khosa
A former governor of Punjab, Latif khosa is also a lawyer by his profession and he can deal with the severe legal matters easily with a different approach and a melancholy character unlike any other top lawyer in Pakistan.

7). Wasim Sajjad
Talking about the top lawyers in Pakistan, Wasim Sajjad has a very honorable spot in the list with his experience of more than 50 years in the field and he is capable of his job.

8). Zafar Mehmood Mughal
Having experience of being Chairman Executive of Punjab Bar Council for the year 2011-12, Zafar Mehmood is one of the leading lawyers in Pakistan right now.

9). Mumtaz Mustafa
Similar to Zafar Mehmood Mughal, Mumtaz Mustafa was also elected recently as the Chairman of Punjab Bar Council for 2016-17 being succeeded by Muhammad Lehrasib Khan Gondal.

10). Fakhruddin G Ebrahim
Last but not the least, Fakharuddin G Ebrahim was the 18th governor of Sindh province and a retired judge of Pakistan. His experience in the profession and capability of taking matters seriously makes him of the top rated lawyers in Pakistan.

Final Words: if you Need to Contact any these Top rated and Best Lawyers in Lahore you can comment below. they all have law chambers in Lahore, also family lawyers

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