Top 5 common Interview mistakes

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top 5 common interview mistakes -beware of these interview mistakes to get job 🙂

Interview is fundamental meeting before starting job but many peoples get confused before starting interview and that’s why they do common interview mistakes. Today I will tell you about these common Interview Mistakes and also tell you how to remove these mistakes to get Job Successfully 🙂 .There are following common interview Mistakes.

top 5 common interview mistakes -
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top 5 common interview mistakes –

1:-Pride for Others Offers in interview

first common interview mistake is  Some  persons in interview tell him about others job offers ,Actually this will be give you negative point in interview .This will give the negative impression to the interviewers that this person may be leave the job after getting another good offer .

But sometime this mistake can give you positive remarks.This mistake can give you benefit  when your interviewers are fully impresses from your personality or ability.

2:-Attend Interview by wearing  dirty Clothes or not in good dress

Second Common Interview mistake is some persons attend interview by wearing a dirty clothes this will also give a very bad impression to interviewers .Interviewers thinks that this person may be not able to give appropriate time for job or company.

You should attend  Interview by wearing a good address for getting positive remarks.First Impression is the last impression. 🙂

top 5 common interview
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top 5 common interview

3:-Not ask any Question from Interviewers

Third common Interview mistake is not ask any question from Interviewers. Commonly peoples are confused in interview and they are not asked any question from Interviewers and this mistake leads towards interview failure.If you will not asked question from interviewers then Interviewers thinks that this person have no interest in this job.

By asking question about job show him interest about this job.this will also give you good remarks.

4:-Attend Interview late

Forth common mistake is reach for interview late .Commonly people reach for Interview late due any reason like traffic problem and they get negative remarks.Possible you will not get job due to arrive late for interview it doesn’t matter you are late due to car parking or traffic problem.may be you are interested in How to Prevent Road Accidents-10 Road safety Tips

Always plan to arrive half hour before starting Interview.

5:-Use offensive Behavior :-

Fifth and Last common interview mistake is use offensive behavior.In interview always ask question to aspect that you will get answer and beware to ask question to show him you are clever or intelligent ,this offensive behavior will give you not only negative marks but also leads to failure interview.

Always ask question for answer .

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